Wieslaw Musialowski

Gold Star - 5,428 Points (1948 / Niemodlin / Poland)

Wieslaw Musialowski Quotes

  • ''Come bless my brittle dreams, oh Lord, and let them all
    Take on the form of your consent, so that I may
    Perceive my own reflection in the glassy wall

    Wieslaw Musialowski (1948-) , Polish poet. 'Crystal Walls.'''
    request, mirror, reflection, truth
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  • ''So much do I demand - perhaps it is a sin,
    But I am only dreaming of the boundless will
    And hope that I shall muster needed strength therein,
    If you but let me, Lord, to go on dreaming still
    Of such a chamber glazed with glass and polished clean,
    Whence I can see each one and be by each one seen.

    Wieslaw Musialowski (1948-) , Polish poet. 'Crystal Walls.'''
    truth, reflection, mirror
  • ''Little princess, a homonymy of frost,
    That put you up upon a fairy windowpane,
    Sleep well, now breath is gone, it is the end;

    Wieslaw Musialowski (1948-) , Polish poet. 'Princess.'''
    princess, fable, death
  • ''You need no more death poems now, my Princess Dear,
    For sun will kiss you with his ray of golden grace
    And you will fall asleep with a smile upon your face
    And you will be the truth that there's no Heaven here.

    Wieslaw Musialowski (1948-) , Polish poet. 'Princess.'''
    princess, happiness
  • ''Like faded verses of a few bleak years of life
    Upon this world where all you knew was dearth and strife

    Wieslaw Musialowski (1948-) , Polish poet. 'Princess.'''
    hardship, sad, reality
  • ''And you will be the truth that there's no Heaven here

    Wieslaw Musialowski (1948-) , Polish poet. 'Princess.'''
    reality, truth
  • ''How beautiful you are, oh butterfly,
    But sadly from the display case you stare,
    Stone-dead in a pose on a wing of an August day,
    When you would rather hover in the air.

    Wieslaw Musialowski (1948-) , Polish poet. 'A Butterfly Pinned Down.'''
    butterfly, loneliness
  • ''I will go and pick
    Varicolored flowers: for the kids, lilies
    Of white innocence of a dove;
    For the husbands and fathers, rosemary,
    Blood red; for the mothers, rose petals of fatal love.

    Wieslaw Musialowski (1948-) , Polish poet. 'Who In God Believe.'''
    flowers, flower
  • ''Whom shall which flower for his or her life receive?

    Wieslaw Musialowski (1948-) , Polish poet. 'Who In God Believe.'''
    flowers, flower, judgement
  • ''There are those common things of human life around us:
    I saw a tree in love with a tree nearby

    Wieslaw Musialowski (1948-) , Polish poet. 'A shape.'''

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Best Poem of Wieslaw Musialowski

*** (Love Me While We're Here...)

Translated by Przemyslaw Musialowski 8/22/2018

Love me while we're here,
love, because there's so much
love in us, and fragrance of wild lilacs
before the time of flowers will pass

and we'll be gone too
and there will be such a time,
and there will be crying and pain,
but we know well, me and you,

that in this world
there's nothing eternal,
that so it must be
- we'll die to live
And don't be surprised why

Copyright © by Wieslaw Musialowski 8/12/2016

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Translated by Jarek Zawadzki

Sit down Grandpa and turn on the hearing aid
The government once gave you with a badge
Appreciate the effort they have made,
And have no backwash thoughts to nag or cadge.

Now grandpa thinks he's still a little brat
Or an old wreck living in a garbage can

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