Wilfred Mellers

Veteran Poet - 1,784 Points (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Wilfred Mellers Poems

321. What Is The Color Of Love? 3/26/2008
322. A Jar Of Peanut Butter 4/10/2009
323. How I Will Miss Her Much 10/25/2009
324. A Rising Star 3/24/2008
325. All The Glorious Things Of Splendor 7/24/2011
326. The Bırds Wıll Always Be Sıngıng 7/28/2011
327. Someday We'll Be Together 11/6/2011
328. My Soul Mate 11/19/2011
329. I Want To Sleep 11/14/2011
330. Rest Now My Swollen-Sore Feet 11/16/2013
331. Chocolate Dream 5/31/2014
332. Wake Me Up 5/13/2014
333. Empress And Queen Sister 3/20/2014
334. My Sexy Valentine "If I Wrote Something Naughty For Valentine Would You Mind? " 2/13/2014
335. Lucky Charms 4/10/2011
336. Pick, Choose, And Refuse 9/6/2010
337. I Dream 3/24/2008
338. My Beautiful Nightmare 8/1/2011
339. Simple Turths 3/12/2014
340. I Also Rise (Homage To Maya Angelou) 6/25/2009
341. Why Do I Love You So? 12/19/2009
342. Perfect For Me 7/18/2010
343. Requiem To Broken Dreams (Love Thrown Away) 8/31/2008
344. I Planted A Seed 7/19/2010
345. It Is Raining In Paris 2/23/2012
346. I Do Just Because 1/4/2011
347. Take It Easy 5/24/2011
348. Transformation Extraordinaire 3/24/2008
349. "I Think Of You" 3/26/2008
350. The Blatant Double Entendre 8/10/2014
351. Nightmare's Nightmare 12/11/2013
352. Beautiful Eyes 6/24/2008
353. What Is A Friend? 6/24/2008
354. Ode To Your Ghetto Booty 7/14/2009
355. How I Love Your Voice 7/28/2008

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How I Love Your Voice

How I love to hear you speak and call my name
The way your lips, tongue, and mouth forms letters and words
Those sensual overtones that utter sweet sounds that resonate in my ears
How I love to hear you speak

Your articulation brings forth joy and laughter to my soul
Your words are like music set to a melody sang by angels
It is like the birds summoning me to paradise
Your subtle amplitude drives me while at ever utterance

I beg you to continue speaking to me for I have never heard a sweeter tone
Your audible vibrations are like a musical instrument playing ...

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Why Do I Write

I write from my sadness
I write from the madness
I write because I have something to say
I write to pass the day
I write only from the heart
I write for sometimes I am not that smart
Whatever is in head just comes out on paper (in this case a word document) , and I go with the flow
Write to let my mind go

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