Wilfred Mellers

Veteran Poet - 1,760 Points (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Wilfred Mellers Poems

321. Why Do I Love You So? 12/19/2009
322. Perfect For Me 7/18/2010
323. I Planted A Seed 7/19/2010
324. It Is Raining In Paris 2/23/2012
325. Because I Dream 2/2/2014
326. Concept Of We 3/15/2014
327. Ode To Remembrance 9/24/2015
328. Missi Carruthers' Holiday 10/15/2015
329. No More Time 6/19/2015
330. Best Friend 7/19/2010
331. I Do Just Because 1/4/2011
332. I Want To Thank You 5/1/2009
333. By A Tranquil Lake 9/11/2008
334. Magic Is In You 2/6/2009
335. Anticipation 3/26/2008
336. I Believe In Love Eternal 8/19/2008
337. Hope 9/18/2016
338. The Blatant Double Entendre 8/10/2014
339. My Heart Belongs To You 8/26/2009
340. Nightmare's Nightmare 12/11/2013
341. Take It Easy 5/24/2011
342. Wake Me Up 5/13/2014
343. I Want To Sleep 11/14/2011
344. Say Hello 6/7/2015
345. My Sexy Valentine "If I Wrote Something Naughty For Valentine Would You Mind? " 2/13/2014
346. Simple Turths 3/12/2014
347. Requiem To Broken Dreams (Love Thrown Away) 8/31/2008
348. Beautiful Eyes 6/24/2008
349. What Is A Friend? 6/24/2008
350. Ode To Your Ghetto Booty 7/14/2009
351. "I Think Of You" 3/26/2008
352. How I Love Your Voice 7/28/2008
353. I Dream 3/24/2008
354. Transformation Extraordinaire 3/24/2008
355. I Also Rise (Homage To Maya Angelou) 6/25/2009
Best Poem of Wilfred Mellers

I Also Rise (Homage To Maya Angelou)

I have been used, abused, mistreated, and even overheated, but still I also rise
I have been denied, compromised, and even ostracized, but yet I still also rise
I have been called outdated, jaded, and mutilated, but here I still also rise
I have been hated, mentally castrated, looted, and even been uprooted, but still I also rise

I have been scorned, adorned, and reborn, but yet I still also rise
I have been beaten up, beaten down, and almost ended up underground but yet I also still rise
I have been cheated on, crapped on, and walked on but yet I still also rise
I ...

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Fight The Good Fight

Pagans came to subjugate us with fables from their story books
Corrupt the mind of the innocent ones
Enslaved and took us to foreign lands
They took most of us abroad
They dropped some of us a yard
They said they saved us from a mundane life
Righteous people have to fight the good fight

So be though as it may

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