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Veteran Poet - 1,784 Points (March 5,1962 / Kinston, Jamaica, West Indies)

Wilfred Mellers Poems

281. Clearance 11/26/2013
282. From The Cradle 11/24/2013
283. Fertile Garden 11/18/2013
284. 'Let It All Burn' Ode To Yesteryear 11/16/2013
285. Gentle As The Rain 11/16/2013
286. Allow It 11/16/2013
287. She Is Always 10/22/2012
288. Sad Goodbyes 3/3/2012
289. I Want To Be There 9/2/2012
290. How Far 7/19/2011
291. A Love Of My Own 7/14/2011
292. My Little Princess 1/5/2011
293. Sheepish The Lion 1/9/2011
294. I Apologize 9/15/2009
295. Anger, Hatred, And Violence 6/3/2011
296. Ten Of The Ways I Still Love You 2/17/2011
297. I Stutter 9/3/2010
298. A Pretty Kitty 7/18/2010
299. Broken Fences 7/18/2010
300. To You I Bid Adieu 10/28/2009
301. I Was Happy Once But Didn't Know It 5/22/2009
302. Tears For The Dying (D0 You Remember) 10/1/2008
303. A Moment Passing 9/12/2008
304. Fight The Good Fight 3/24/2007
305. My Maiden In Waiting 3/24/2008
306. What Is The Color Of Love? 3/26/2008
307. Basking In Your Glory 11/6/2012
308. Rest Now My Swollen-Sore Feet 11/16/2013
309. All The Glorious Things Of Splendor 7/24/2011
310. The Bırds Wıll Always Be Sıngıng 7/28/2011
311. My Soul Mate 11/19/2011
312. Someday We'll Be Together 11/6/2011
313. Empress And Queen Sister 3/20/2014
314. Chocolate Dream 5/31/2014
315. A Rising Star 3/24/2008
316. A Jar Of Peanut Butter 4/10/2009
317. How I Will Miss Her Much 10/25/2009
318. Pick, Choose, And Refuse 9/6/2010
319. Lucky Charms 4/10/2011
320. My Beautiful Nightmare 8/1/2011

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Best Poem of Wilfred Mellers

"I Think Of You"

Wilfred C. Mellers April 3,2002
Reprised Wednesday, March 26,2008

For every time I close my eyes I think of you
I always dream about you for I do love you
For every time I close my eyes I'm in another place
A peaceful place in time and space
Surrounded by your love

You took me places that I'd never been before
Soaring high above the clouds
You're the one my heart beats for
Now when I am dreaming it's all about you
I am in a place between time and space

I am dreaming of you tonight
I am holding you close and everything is alright
Cuddle up ...

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A Rising Star

A rising star’s light has been distinguished in the heavens today. Twenty-seven years the light shined on the world. Two months you knew yet it could not be helped. A swift wind blew the light from your candle. No more its beauty will gleam amongst the heavenly bodies. So short-lived this soul gone but never will be forgotten. Taken from us this day on your journey to the ever after. You have gone to be with our ancestors. May they embrace you in their loving arms and welcome you.

Such a stra