Will Barber

Rookie (1948 / TX)

Biography of Will Barber

Will Barber poet

The late (or nearly always late) Will Barber has a very interesting past. Not being sure whether the statute of limitations has expired, he issued this statement to the Poemhunter community:

'Who are you people? And why are you looking at me? '

Will Barber lives somewhere in South Texas, apparently. His favorite hobbies are eating, sleeping, and fooling around on the internets. Sometimes, he leaves the house. Angels and ministers of grace surround him, but he's not dead yet.

His most memorable quote: 'Who wants to go for lunch, then? ! '

'Everything was beautiful. Nothing hurt.' - Kurt Vonnegut, 'Cat's Cradle'.

Will Barber's Works:

'The Complete Works of Anthony Trollope', by Anthony Trollope.

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You Are Like A Ghost

You: you are like a ghost
Fluttering, pensive, in my memory,
Skirting the well-lighted rooms in which I read.

You: you are like a ghost;
I feel you inhabit
Those rooms where I must no longer go.

How events mock one, I am tempted to say.

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