Will Barber Poems

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A Rehearsal For A Song

If I could sing - my heart,
Then, never would be sung.
If I knew my heart,
It never would be shown.

The Dsl Bunnies

There was a family of orphaned bunnies that lived in North Carolina,
And rains from Tropical Storm Ernesto flooded their burrow.
They had just gotten a new computer, and a DSL line. A
Torrent of rain caused - is this possible? - bunny brows to furrow.

A New Lament, And New Hope

Who rules the master,
Who serves the slave?
Who tries to linger?
Who tries to leave?

Once In A Blue Moon

I wished upon the Moon, last night.
One never knows what She may do:
Deserts, and gardens of delight,
She rules. We lunatics pursue

Wising Up Sophia

When the game was nearly over,
Sophia threw in the hand;
The old man laughed, incontinently:
Such a dirty, dirty man.


Somewhere, far beyond the sky,
Fledglings by the millions fly -
Testing wings and tasting winds,
Preparing for the foreign lands.

Yesterday, I Thought Of You

Although I do not love you any more,
I wish that I had news of you:
Whether you are happy, sad
Or in confinement.

Lost In Snow

No matter what the dreams may say,
Mortal dreams must pass away,
Lost in sand and lost in snow,
Where all mortal dreams must go.

The Man Who Cried

The man who cried against the wind
flew up through hurricanes of doubt
one season when the winter's rule
ran sternly; his arms were bright,

Beauty, As She Passes By

Some by scorn, some by sword,
Some in lust, some in fright,
Quarrel over dusty words,
Ancient wrongs, ancient rites,