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Will Thomas Poems

1. New Salem 3/21/2006
2. Near-Life Experience 11/10/2006
3. For Courtney: June 11,1969-August,15,1978 3/10/2008
4. For Courtney: With Wings 3/10/2008
5. Once More 3/10/2008
6. June 11,1996: A Poem Of Thanks 3/11/2008
7. Pulse And Possibility 7/18/2006
8. Interruptus 2/23/2006
9. Sorry I Haven'T Written Lately: For Cms: June 11,1969-August 15,1978 3/15/2008
10. For My Daughter: June 11,1969-August 15,1978 3/10/2008
11. Now And Forever 12/11/2005
12. Thoughts For A Birthday 12/18/2005
13. All Ye Faithful 12/19/2005
14. Where To Begin 12/18/2005
15. And That I Love You 12/17/2005
16. Gossamer And Cobweb 2/22/2006
17. The Day After 3/4/2006
18. The One Sure Truth 11/30/2005
19. How Much Is Mine? 11/30/2005
20. My Father Died 12/18/2005
21. My Father's Song 12/11/2005
22. Prognosis 11/30/2005

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(for my children, and for all my friends on shore)

Forty-nine days later,
after his wife
-operatically and quite literally-
in the desolate 4 a.m.-ness of a bleak November morning,
walked out
on him, a fifteen-year marriage, and a foolish gray cat
(antiseptic words of 'feelings for someone else' trailing after her,
searing snapshots of betrayals and manipulations
washing over him,
a spiraling descent,
hell beyond flame or forgiveness) :

Forty-nine days later,
faint and flickering indications of a pulse:
the first 24 hours without ...

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How Much Is Mine?

5: 30 a.m., March 17,1982

It is
(I am sure,
and more than willing to admit)
the melancholy in me,
that, and the early hour,
the rest of my house asleep,
that, and the day itself,

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