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Will Thomas Poems

1. New Salem 3/21/2006
2. Near-Life Experience 11/10/2006
3. For Courtney: June 11,1969-August,15,1978 3/10/2008
4. For Courtney: With Wings 3/10/2008
5. Once More 3/10/2008
6. June 11,1996: A Poem Of Thanks 3/11/2008
7. Pulse And Possibility 7/18/2006
8. Interruptus 2/23/2006
9. Sorry I Haven'T Written Lately: For Cms: June 11,1969-August 15,1978 3/15/2008
10. For My Daughter: June 11,1969-August 15,1978 3/10/2008
11. Now And Forever 12/11/2005
12. Thoughts For A Birthday 12/18/2005
13. All Ye Faithful 12/19/2005
14. Where To Begin 12/18/2005
15. And That I Love You 12/17/2005
16. Gossamer And Cobweb 2/22/2006
17. The Day After 3/4/2006
18. The One Sure Truth 11/30/2005
19. How Much Is Mine? 11/30/2005
20. My Father Died 12/18/2005
21. My Father's Song 12/11/2005
22. Prognosis 11/30/2005

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(for my children, and for all my friends on shore)

Forty-nine days later,
after his wife
-operatically and quite literally-
in the desolate 4 a.m.-ness of a bleak November morning,
walked out
on him, a fifteen-year marriage, and a foolish gray cat
(antiseptic words of 'feelings for someone else' trailing after her,
searing snapshots of betrayals and manipulations
washing over him,
a spiraling descent,
hell beyond flame or forgiveness) :

Forty-nine days later,
faint and flickering indications of a pulse:
the first 24 hours without ...

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The One Sure Truth

In the long, narrow hall of home,
hangs a bleached and fading picture of four-year-old me:
holding hands with his bushy browed grampa,
wearing one of those plaid wool caps
that kids always used to wear
and a button up sweater
with reindeer stitched into it.

This me

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