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41. Love Affair 10/21/2012
42. It's A Shame 10/21/2012
43. New 10/21/2012
44. Snowbird 10/21/2012
45. Down The Shore 10/21/2012
46. Domestic Disturbance 10/22/2012
47. Cafeteria Lunch 10/22/2012
48. Graduate 10/22/2012
49. Break 5/25/2014
50. Dream 10/21/2012
51. Solar 10/21/2012
52. Counterpoint 10/21/2012
53. Ideal 10/21/2012
54. Sunday Afternoon 10/21/2012
55. Return 10/21/2012
56. Fireworks 10/21/2012
57. Yes You Do 10/21/2012
58. Jump The Gun 10/21/2012
59. Muir Woods 10/21/2012
60. Deluge 10/21/2012
61. Crossword Puzzle 10/21/2012
62. Object 10/21/2012
63. Death Of A Coworker 10/21/2012

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Best Poem of William B. Deutscher

Death Of A Coworker

"It's a damned shame that he died all alone, "
You say with ambivalent sympathy
At one point during the course of the day,
Now funereal with the death of a man
Who lingered uneasily in his life,
Bumping into others' conversations,
Smiling at girls who did not smile back;
"I'd like to think he's in a better place, "
You say, trying to ignore his absence.

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Warbled jumping solo birds,
The sleepy and the dawn,
Budding spray of allergens,
The waking cry of the folded-out season
Now dissembled in sunlit routine,
Blue-sky beacon of the lovelorn day,
April blitzkrieg and the lawnmower's blast
Through open window sounding the call,
Mechanized ritual of flying green.

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