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41. Love Affair 10/21/2012
42. It's A Shame 10/21/2012
43. New 10/21/2012
44. Snowbird 10/21/2012
45. Down The Shore 10/21/2012
46. Domestic Disturbance 10/22/2012
47. Cafeteria Lunch 10/22/2012
48. Graduate 10/22/2012
49. Break 5/25/2014
50. Dream 10/21/2012
51. Solar 10/21/2012
52. Counterpoint 10/21/2012
53. Ideal 10/21/2012
54. Sunday Afternoon 10/21/2012
55. Return 10/21/2012
56. Fireworks 10/21/2012
57. Yes You Do 10/21/2012
58. Jump The Gun 10/21/2012
59. Muir Woods 10/21/2012
60. Deluge 10/21/2012
61. Crossword Puzzle 10/21/2012
62. Object 10/21/2012
63. Death Of A Coworker 10/21/2012

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Best Poem of William B. Deutscher

Death Of A Coworker

"It's a damned shame that he died all alone, "
You say with ambivalent sympathy
At one point during the course of the day,
Now funereal with the death of a man
Who lingered uneasily in his life,
Bumping into others' conversations,
Smiling at girls who did not smile back;
"I'd like to think he's in a better place, "
You say, trying to ignore his absence.

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Wherever it may go, this is the thing
That slips away as soon as it appears,
Desired above all else but
Not for the taking, not now or ever,
Obsessively processed from the past
In the flat present tense of a moment
And superimposed on the bright future
As a perpetual dream to be,
An object pursued, endlessly.

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