William Bell Scott Poems

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Love And Death

‘Open the door! Thou canst not understand
My mission, thou spoilt child of many a god,
Thou who dost claim the heart for thy abode;

Art For Art’s Sake

‘Art for art's sake,’—very well,
Your picture you don't care to sell?
Yes, yes, I do, and thus I try

Dante And Beatrice

Ah, did she pass so coldly by
The tenderest love in all the earth,
Making his lifetime one long sigh,
That never knew a morn of mirth?

The Foxglove:

That foxglove by the garden gate,
The very day the war began,
Opened its first, its lowest flower.

Morning Sleep

Another day hath dawned
Since, hastily and tired, I threw myself
Into the dark lap of advancing sleep.

Raphael’s Madonna Di San Sisto

Once and once only, and no more,
Art hath reached the topmost bough;
The goodliest fruit of all his store
Our well-filled garner holds till now.

A Ghost

In the first watch of the night,
One candle all my light,
I saw a Spirit near the door
Standing raised above the floor,


The widow heard Elijah's tread,
She heard his staff against the door,
She wrapped the sackcloth round her head,

The Which's Ballad

O, I hae come from far away,
   From a warm land far away,
A southern land across the sea,
With sailor-lads about the mast,

A Lowland Witch Ballad

The old witch-wife beside her door
Sat spinning with a watchful ear,
A horse's hoof upon the road
Is what she waits for, longs to hear,