William Bell Scott

(1811-1890 / Scotland)

William Bell Scott Poems

81. The Offering 4/22/2010
82. Wordsworth 4/22/2010
83. Dante In Exile 4/22/2010
84. The Old Old Story 4/22/2010
85. The School-Children 4/22/2010
86. The Norns Watering Yggdrasill 4/22/2010
87. Oisin 4/22/2010
88. Hortus Paradisi 4/22/2010
89. A-Dieu 4/22/2010
90. At Sea 4/22/2010
91. An Anniversary, The 31st 4/22/2010
92. An Autumn Evening 4/22/2010
93. A Birthday 4/22/2010
94. The Which's Ballad 1/4/2003
95. A Lowland Witch Ballad 4/22/2010
96. The Inferno 4/22/2010
97. Wm. Blake’s Designs For The Grave 4/22/2010
98. Raphael’s Madonna Di San Sisto 4/22/2010
99. Morning Sleep 4/22/2010
100. The Foxglove: 4/22/2010
101. Elijah 4/22/2010
102. A Ghost 4/22/2010
103. Dante And Beatrice 4/22/2010
104. Love And Death 4/22/2010
105. Art For Art’s Sake 4/22/2010
Best Poem of William Bell Scott

Art For Art’s Sake

‘Art for art's sake,’—very well,
Your picture you don't care to sell?
Yes, yes, I do, and thus I try
To paint so bright they want to buy—
‘Art for art's sake,’—then I fear
You want no sympathetic tear
From the stalls and boxes here?
Yes, yes, I do, I write it so,
A hundred nights the crowds shall go—
‘Art for art's sake,’—Heavens! once more,
You'd say again things said before?
And pray, why not? I wish I could
Stand as Shakespeare, Fletcher, stood—
Nay, dear aspirant, rather write
As Shakespeare were he here to-night;
That would be far more worth ...

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A Birthday


Is this indeed All-Hallow's day,
When fairies hold their annual play?
As out of school like bees they fly,
I hear the village children cry
Upon the faery folk, brown, red,
Pink, green and blue, to go to bed.
All the faeries that were seen

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