William Cowper

(26 November 1731 – 25 April 1800 / Hertfordshire)

William Cowper Poems

121. Lines Addressed To Dr. Darwin, Author Of The 'Botanic Garden.' 4/13/2010
122. Lines Addressed To Miss Theodora Jane Cowper, On Himself 4/13/2010
123. Lines On The Death Of Sir William Russel 4/13/2010
124. Lines Written During A Period Of Insanity 1/13/2003
125. Lines Written For Insertion In A Collection Of Handwritings And Signatures Made By Miss Patty 4/13/2010
126. Lines, Composed For A Memorial Of Ashley Cowper, Esq. 4/13/2010
127. Lines. Oh! To Some Distant Scene 4/13/2010
128. Lively Hope And Gracious Fear 1/3/2003
129. Living And A Dead Faith 1/3/2003
130. Living Water 4/13/2010
131. Longing To Be With Christ 1/3/2003
132. Looking Upwards In A Storm 1/3/2003
133. Love Abused 4/13/2010
134. Love Constrained To Obedience 1/3/2003
135. Love Faithful In The Absence Of The Beloved 4/13/2010
136. Love Increased By Suffering 4/13/2010
137. Love Pure And Fervent 4/13/2010
138. Lovest Thou Me? 1/3/2003
139. Mary And John 4/13/2010
140. Monumental Inscription To William Northcot 4/13/2010
141. Mortals! Around Your Destined Heads 4/13/2010
142. Mourning And Longing 1/3/2003
143. Mutual Forbearance : Necessary To The Happiness Of The Married State 4/13/2010
144. My Soul Thirsteth For God 1/3/2003
145. No Sorrow Peculiar To The Sufferer 4/13/2010
146. Not Works 1/3/2003
147. O Lord, I Will Praise Thee 1/3/2003
148. Ode On The Death Of A Lady, Who Lived One Hundred Years, And Died On Her Birthday, 1728 (Translation) 4/13/2010
149. Ode To Apollo. On An Inkglass Almost Dried In The Sun 4/13/2010
150. Ode To Peace 4/13/2010
151. Ode. Supposed To Be Written On The Marriage Of A Friend 4/13/2010
152. Of Himself 4/13/2010
153. Old Testament Gospel 1/3/2003
154. Olney Hymn 1: Walking With God 4/13/2010
155. Olney Hymn 10: The Future Peace And Glory Of The Church 4/13/2010
156. Olney Hymn 11: Jehovah Our Righteousness 4/13/2010
157. Olney Hymn 12: Ephraim Repenting 4/13/2010
158. Olney Hymn 13: The Covenant 4/13/2010
159. Olney Hymn 14: Jehovah-Shammah 4/13/2010
160. Olney Hymn 15: Praise For The Fountain Opened 4/13/2010
Best Poem of William Cowper

The Negro's Complaint

Forc'd from home and all its pleasures,
Afric's coast I left forlorn;
To increase a stranger's treasures,
O'er the raging billows borne;
Men from England bought and sold me,
Paid my price in paltry gold;
But though theirs they have enroll'd me
Minds are never to be sold.
Still in thought as free as ever,
What are England's rights, I ask,
Me from my delights to sever,
Me to torture, me to task?
Fleecy locks and black complexion
Cannot forfeit nature's claim;
Skins may differ, but affection
Dwells in white and black the same.
Why did all-creating ...

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Lovest Thou Me?

(John, xxi.16)

Hark my soul! it is the Lord;
'Tis Thy Saviour, hear His word;
Jesus speaks and speaks to thee,
"Say poor sinner, lovst thou me?

"I deliver'd thee when bound,
And when bleeding, heal'd thy wound;

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