William Cowper

(26 November 1731 – 25 April 1800 / Hertfordshire)

William Cowper Poems

281. From The Greek Of Julianus 4/13/2010
282. Heroism 4/13/2010
283. Horace, Book Ii. Ode Xvi. 4/13/2010
284. Horace, Book I. Ode Xxxviii. 4/13/2010
285. Living Water 4/13/2010
286. Love Abused 4/13/2010
287. Love Pure And Fervent 4/13/2010
288. Mortals! Around Your Destined Heads 4/13/2010
289. Olney Hymn 20: Old Testament Gospel 4/13/2010
290. Olney Hymn 34: The Waiting Soul 4/13/2010
291. Olney Hymn 43: Prayer For Patience 4/13/2010
292. Olney Hymn 49: True Pleasures 4/13/2010
293. Olney Hymn 9: The Contrite Heart 4/13/2010
294. On A Thief (From The Greek) 4/13/2010
295. On A Good Man (From The Greek) 4/13/2010
296. On Niobe (From The Greek) 4/13/2010
297. On Flaxman's Penelope 4/13/2010
298. On The Death Of Damon. (Translated From Milton) 4/13/2010
299. On The Ice Islands Seen Floating In The German Ocean 4/13/2010
300. Pity For Poor Africans 4/13/2010
301. Sonnet I. (Translated From Milton) 4/13/2010
302. Sonnet Ii. (Translated From Milton) 4/13/2010
303. Sparrows Self-Domesticated In Trinity College, Cambridge 4/13/2010
304. Stanzas On The Late Indecent Liberties Taken With The Remains Of The Great Milton 4/13/2010
305. Stanzas Subjoined To The Yearly Bill Of Mortality Of The Parish Of All-Saints, Northampton. Anno Domini 1790 4/13/2010
306. The Acquiescence Of Pure Love 4/13/2010
307. The Flatting-Mill. An Illustration 4/13/2010
308. The Love Of The World Reproved: Or, Hypocrisy Detected 4/13/2010
309. The Moralizer Corrected. A Tale 4/13/2010
310. The Thracian 4/13/2010
311. The Valediction 4/13/2010
312. The Tears Of A Painter 4/13/2010
313. There Is A Fountain Filled With Blood 4/13/2010
314. To The Nightingale, Which The Author Heard Sing On New Year's Day 4/13/2010
315. Written In A Quarrel 4/13/2010
316. To William Hayley, Esq. June 29, 1793. 4/13/2010
317. To The Rev. Mr. Newton, Rector Of St. Mary Woolnoth 4/13/2010
318. To A Friend In Distress (Translated From Owen) 4/13/2010
319. To A Young Friend, On His Arriving At Cambridge Wet, When No Rain Had Fallen There 4/13/2010
320. To An Afflicted Protestant Lady In France 4/13/2010

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Best Poem of William Cowper

The Negro's Complaint

Forc'd from home and all its pleasures,
Afric's coast I left forlorn;
To increase a stranger's treasures,
O'er the raging billows borne;
Men from England bought and sold me,
Paid my price in paltry gold;
But though theirs they have enroll'd me
Minds are never to be sold.
Still in thought as free as ever,
What are England's rights, I ask,
Me from my delights to sever,
Me to torture, me to task?
Fleecy locks and black complexion
Cannot forfeit nature's claim;
Skins may differ, but affection
Dwells in white and black the same.
Why did all-creating ...

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The Sower

(Matthew, xiii.3)

Ye sons of earth prepare the plough,
Break up your fallow ground;
The sower is gone forth to sow,
And scatter blessings round.

The seed that finds a stony soil
Shoots forth a hasty blade;

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