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161. Selfish Love 4/15/2012
Best Poem of William F Glennon

Selfish Love

Make up your mind take me or leave me.
Don't deny this deception I see.

The Selfish fight for tomorrow
while trying to forget the past sorrows.

My heart looked for reasons to believe.
Your heart found reasons to deceive.

Now looking into your eyes, there's emptiness.
You wanted more than I could give.

Thoughts of us not seeing each other was the
last thing I had on my mind. Your actions left
my heart far behind.

I can truly see my love wasn't strong.
You were my right kind of wrong.

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All You Need Is A Friend

All you need is a friend

Who will understand my pain?
Listen when I feel insane.

Catch me when I fade to blackness.
Support me through my stress.

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