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William Graham holds a BA and MA in English and a MS in Communications from Northwestern University in Evanston, Illinois. He is the author of eight poetry volumes: 'Vox Publica'; 'Terra Incognita'; 'The Places You Can Go: Poems for Children'; 'Amoricon and Other Poems'; 'Smugglers’ Notch: New England Poems'; 'The Sweetest Swing: Baseball Poems'; 'Interlude'; and 'Work: Labor Poems.' Four novels for children: 'Danny Boyle and the Underland'; 'Danny Boyle and the Ghosts of Ireland'; 'The Boy with the Golden Arm'; and 'Volcano Island'. Two novels for adults: the murder mystery 'Fire and Ice' and the political thriller 'Newfoundland Sagas'. All of his books are available on the Amazon website (www.amazon.con) .

William Graham's Works:

All works available on Amazon.com

Vox Publica: Poetical Works
Terra Incognita: Poetical Works
The Places You Can Go: Poems for Children
Amoricon and Other Poems
Smugglers’ Notch: New England Poems
The Sweetest Swing: Baseball Poems.
Interlude: Poetical Works
Work: Labor Poems

Danny Boyle and the Underland
Danny Boyle and the Ghosts of Ireland
The Boy with the Golden Arm
Volcano Island
Fire and Ice
Newfoundland Sagas

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He soared like a hawk over Central Park.
He glided gracefully into his Hamptons home.
At a whim he would on a weekend embark
To beach in the south of France, where he roamed

Like a lion—comfortable in his coiled power.
Out of men he pulled money; off women—clothes.
He was their second, their minute, their hour.
He was their poetry and their prose.

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