William H Whelan Poems

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A Foolish Friendship

It seemed a foolish friendship.
Instead of a love affair.
As we told each other.
Not to really care.

Sail Away

To sail away to lands unknown
To sail away, solitary and all alone
With a past I want to flee
Heading for a future I don't want to see.

The Newspaperman

He was a newspaperman in the morning.
He was a newspaperman at night.
In between he became a nobody.
He always kept out of sight.

The Lake (Of Hopes And Fears)

Well you’ve had time to think
Now you are at the lakes brink
The Lake of “Hopes and Fears”
Each of its ripples is one of your years.

Love Is A Thought

Love is a thought, a chemical imbalance
Loneliness is solitude and company is a chance.
It's easier to win the jackpot on the lottery
Than find someone and be eternally happy.