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1. For Just Tonight 3/15/2005
2. Guarded Rose 3/15/2005
3. A Missing Love 3/15/2005
4. Ashes To Ashes 3/15/2005
5. I Breathe Again 3/15/2005
6. I Write Because 3/16/2005
7. Wishing The Impossible 3/15/2005
8. Mountain Morn 3/16/2005
9. Are We Watching The Same Star? 3/17/2005
10. The Enchantment Of My Dreamland 3/17/2005
11. This Gift I Give 3/17/2005
12. It’s All About You 2/12/2007
13. I Think Of You 2/12/2007
14. If Stars Could Speak 2/12/2007
15. If I Were 2/15/2007
16. The You 2/15/2007
17. The Essence Of Love 2/16/2007
18. A Lonely Heart 2/16/2007
19. In This Dream Tonight 2/16/2007
20. Why Is It? 3/15/2005
21. This Moment Of Happiness 3/16/2005
22. Soul Mates 3/15/2005

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Soul Mates

My words are tools that’s useless,
To convey what could be said.
The truth is beating in my heart,
But lost inside my head.

One word paints a thousand pictures,
This word jolts my heart with pain.
The word to most, would have no meaning,
The word that hurts me is your name.

Our souls are all that we can link,
The cruelest thing on earth.
To find that love is born to die,
Crippled from its birth.

A seed in ground that is not ready,
To birth love in its room.
Will die before it ever sees,
The glory of its bloom..

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Guarded Rose

Oh guarded rose, open wide for me.
Wrap about my heart, your silky leaves.
Allow me access to your fragrance,
For I adore your pleasing treasure.
Dull your thorns, for but a while,
So I can taste the sweetness, of your soul.
Entwine our lives together,
Embrace this passion that I hold.

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