William Morris Meredith Jr.

(January 9, 1919 – May 30, 2007 / New York City)

William Morris Meredith Jr. Poems

1. Hazard's Optimism 1/12/2012
2. Partial Accounts 1/12/2012
3. Consequences 1/12/2012
4. Five Accounts Of A Monogamous Man 1/12/2012
5. Hazard Faces A Sunday In The Decline 1/12/2012
6. “do Not Embrace Your Mind’s New Negro Friend” 1/12/2012
7. Politics 1/12/2012
8. Notes For An Elegy 1/12/2012
9. The Cheer 1/12/2012
10. Envoi 1/12/2012
11. In Loving Memory Of The Late Author Of Dream Songs 1/12/2012
12. The Illiterate 1/12/2012
13. The Open Sea 1/12/2012
14. The Wreck Of The Thresher 1/12/2012
15. Earth Walk 1/12/2012
16. Last Things 1/12/2012
17. The Jain Bird Hospital In Delhi 1/12/2012
18. Love Letter From An Impossible Land 1/12/2012
19. Navy Field 1/12/2012
20. Thoughts On One’s Head 1/12/2012
21. Effort At Speech 1/12/2012
22. Tree Marriage 1/12/2012
23. Starlight 1/12/2012
24. Accidents Of Birth 1/12/2012
25. Parents 1/20/2003
26. Rhode Island 1/20/2003

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Best Poem of William Morris Meredith Jr.

Rhode Island

Here at the seashore they use the clouds over & over
again, like the rented animals in Aïda.
In the late morning the land breeze
turns and now the extras are driving
all the white elephants the other way.
What language are the children shouting in?
He is lying on the beach listening.

The sand knocks like glass, struck by bare heels.
He tries to remember snow noise.
Would powder snow ping like that?
But you don't lie with your ear to powder snow.
Why doesn't the girl who takes care
of the children, a Yale girl without flaw,
know the difference...

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The Illiterate

Touching your goodness, I am like a man
Who turns a letter over in his hand
And you might think this was because the hand
was unfamiliar but, truth is, the man
Has never had a letter from anyone;
And now he is both afraid of what it means
And ashamed because he has no other means
To find out what it says than to ask someone.

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