Izzy Frost 14 December 2017
@Joshua Aaron Guillory Love it!
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Joshua Aaron Guillory 12 December 2017
''Leave thee alone for the comparison Of all that insolent Greece or haughty Rome Sent forth, or since did from their ashes come.'' - Ben Jonson, 'In Praise of William Shakespeare' (1623) ''He who hath filled up all numbers, and performed that in our tongue which may be compared or preferred either to insolent Greece or haughty that he may be named and stand as the mark and akun (acme) of our language.'' - Ben Jonson (1572 - 1637) 'In Praise of Francis Bacon'
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susan ongkeko 12 December 2017
amazing classical poem ever
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Kshirod Kumar Dehury 09 December 2017
ohhhhhhhhhhhh, nice poem, really i enjoy this poem, thanks for sharing.10+++
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AARIF WANI 08 December 2017
12 5 Reply
ugg unicorns and butter plus bo boo
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troll face 07 December 2017
boringgggggg ahhhhhhhhh
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bobbbbyyyy 07 December 2017
this was an amazing article thank you
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john cena 04 December 2017
lol bad i hate it kys willi vfttcuctcrt
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troll face 04 December 2017
lol bad i hate it kys willi
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john cena 04 December 2017
boring af: /jbhjhbjnbhj n b hhbbhhbjbhjbhj hj
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Pynthamil Pavendan 03 December 2017
What a talent
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mac stiles 28 November 2017
he is one of the best people who lived in this world and I wished he was immoral always and everyone else too
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Ashutosh 28 November 2017
You are like a superpower to me. The world can't see and I don't want to show. I live parallely in two universe. The one I show The another we see. It may has shattered me into pieces But that is where I find my species.
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aaron 27 November 2017
i love this poet he is the best
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Rubina 26 November 2017
Really , William Shakespeare is national poet of England.
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Hamlet 16 November 2017
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Joshua Aaron Guillory 24 October 2017
''I remember, the players have often mentioned it as an honor to Shakespeare, that in his writing, (whatsoever he penned) he never blotted out a line. My answer hath been, “Would he had blotted a thousand, '' which they thought a malevolent speech. I had not told posterity this but for their ignorance, who chose that circumstance to commend their friend by wherein he most faulted; and to justify mine own candor, (for I loved the man, and do honor his memory (on this side idolatry) as much as any.) He was (indeed) honest, and of an open and free nature; had an excellent fancy, brave notions, and gentle expressions, wherein he flowed with that facility that sometime it was necessary he should be stopped. “Sufflaminandus erat: '' (He should have been clogged) as Augustus said of Haterius. His wit was in his own power; would the rule of it had been so too. Many times he fell into those things, could not escape laughter, as when he said in the person of Cæsar, one speaking to him: “Cæsar, thou dost me wrong.” He replied: “Cæsar did never wrong, but with just cause; '' and such like; which were ridiculous. But he redeemed his vices with his virtues. There was ever more in him to be praised than to be pardoned.'' - Ben Jonson (1572 - 1637) , 'De Shakespeare Nostrat' (Of our countryman, Shakespeare)
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Dineo Seutloali 21 August 2017
he is the most famous writer in English and yes he was talented
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Marie Lanier 18 May 2017
when did Shakespeare start poetry?
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