William Shenstone

(1714 - 1763 / England)

William Shenstone Poems

41. Hint From Voiture 4/19/2010
42. Impromptu To Miss Utrecia Smith 4/19/2010
43. Elegy Xxii. Written In The Year ----, When The Rights Of Sepulture Were So Frequently Violated 4/19/2010
44. Ode - So Dear My Lucio Is To Me 4/19/2010
45. Ode To Memory 4/19/2010
46. The Price Of An Equipage 4/19/2010
47. Song Xi. - Perhaps It Is Not Love 4/19/2010
48. Song Vii. - When Bright Roxana Treads The Green 4/19/2010
49. Elegy Xiv. Declining An Invitation To Visit Foreign Countries 4/19/2010
50. Ode To A Young Lady 1/3/2003
51. The Speeches Of Sloth And Virtue 1/3/2003
52. Extent Of Cookery 4/19/2010
53. Stanzas - To The Memory Of An Agreeable Lady, Buried In Marriage To A Person Undeserving Her 4/19/2010
54. Ode, Written 1739 4/19/2010
55. Song Xiii. - Winter 4/19/2010
56. The Poet And The Dun 4/19/2010
57. To A Lady Of Quality, Fitting Up Her Library 4/19/2010
58. The Rose-Bud 4/19/2010
59. Epilogue - To The Tragedy Of Cleone 4/19/2010
60. The School-Mistress. In Imitation Of Spenser (Excerpt) 1/1/2004
61. On Mr. C -- Of Kidderminster's Poetry 4/19/2010
62. Elegy Xii. His Recantation 4/19/2010
63. On Miss M--'s's Dancing 4/19/2010
64. Ode To Health, 1730 4/19/2010
65. To The Virtuosi 4/19/2010
66. The Ruined Abbey, Or, The Affects Of Superstition 4/19/2010
67. The Attribute Of Venus 4/19/2010
68. Written At An Inn At Henley 1/3/2003
69. The Rape Of The Trap. A Ballad 4/19/2010
70. The Progress Of Taste, Or The Fate Of Delicacy 4/19/2010
71. Song Ix. - The Fatal Hours Are Wondrous Near 4/19/2010
72. The Judgement Of Hercules 4/19/2010
73. Elegy X. To Fortune, Suggesting His Motive For Repining At Her Dispensations 4/19/2010
74. Upon A Visit To A Lady Of Quality 4/19/2010
75. Verses, To William Lyttleton, Esq. 4/19/2010
76. Written In A Flower Book, Of My Own Colouring, Designed For Lady Plymouth 4/19/2010
77. Elegy Viii. He Describes His Early Love Of Poetry, And Its Consequences 4/19/2010
78. The Invidious 4/19/2010
79. Valentine's Day 4/19/2010
80. The Halcyon 4/19/2010

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Best Poem of William Shenstone

Daphne's Visit

Ye birds! for whom I rear'd the grove,
With melting lay salute my love;
My Daphne with your notes detain,
Or I have rear'd my grove in vain.

Ye flowers! before her footsteps rise:
Display at once your brightest dyes;
That she your opening charms may see,
Or what are all your charms to me?

Kind Zephyr! brush each fragrant flower,
And shed its odours round my bower;
Or never more, O gentle Wind!
Shall I from thee refreshment find.

Ye Streams! if e'er your banks I loved,
If e'er your native sounds improved,
May each soft murmur soothe my ...

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A Parody

When first, Philander, first I came
Where Avon rolls his winding stream,
The nymphs, how brisk, the swains, how gay,
To see Asteria, queen of May!
The parsons round her praises sung!
The steeples with her praises rung!-
I thought no sight that e'er was seen
Could match the sight of Barel's Green!

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