William Simone Di Piero

[W. S. Di Piero] (1945 / United States)

William Simone Di Piero Poems

1. Smoke 1/29/2016
2. The Ash Bringer 4/27/2017
3. Big City Speech 4/27/2017
4. Brother Francis to Brother Leone 4/27/2017
5. Girl with Pearl Earring by Johannes Vermeer 4/27/2017
6. The Green Man 4/27/2017
7. Having My Cards Read 4/27/2017
8. Ice Plant in Bloom 4/27/2017
9. Injun Joe as an Avatar 4/27/2017
10. It's That Time 4/27/2017
11. Johnny One Note 4/27/2017
12. A Lowrider Loudly Brings Us 4/27/2017
13. Moving Things 4/27/2017
14. New Endymion 4/27/2017
15. Nocturne 4/27/2017
16. On a Picture by Cézanne 4/27/2017
17. The One-Year-Old Lemon Tree 4/27/2017
18. 'Pacific Surfliner' Now Arriving San Diego 4/27/2017
19. Renovations 4/27/2017
20. Saint Francis of Assisi 4/27/2017
21. Sales 4/27/2017
22. Saturday Afternoon 4/27/2017
23. The Shoe Box 4/27/2017
24. Skirts and Slacks 4/27/2017
25. So It Goes 4/27/2017
26. Solo R&B Vocal Underground 4/27/2017
27. Starlings 4/27/2017
28. To My Old City 4/27/2017
29. Tombo 4/27/2017
30. Two Girls 4/27/2017
31. Walt, the Wounded 4/27/2017
32. What's Left 4/27/2017
33. What To Do 4/27/2017
34. Chicago And December 2/18/2015

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Best Poem of William Simone Di Piero

Chicago And December

Trying to find my roost
one lidded, late afternoon,
the consolation of color
worked up like neediness,
like craving chocolate,
I'm at Art Institute favorites:
Velasquez's "Servant,"
her bashful attention fixed
to place things just right,
Beckmann's "Self-Portrait,"
whose fishy fingers seem
never to do a day's work,
the great stone lions outside
monumentally pissed
by jumbo wreaths and ribbons
municipal good cheer
yoked around their heads.
Mealy mist. Furred air.
I ...

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The Green Man

rumdumb from last night's shrubbery tryst
exhales soot, fernseed, shoots and vines,
brings his hot breath from the city park's wood,
saying a song we don't understand
through the briar and bay leaves of his beard.
And in Philadelphia, 1954,
out of late autumn's darkening he came,
a junkman lugging a Penn Fruit cart,
straw bristling his face, crying a name.

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