William Topaz McGonagall

(1830 - 1902 / Edinburgh / Scotland)

William Topaz McGonagall Poems

161. Robert Burns 1/3/2003
162. The Beautiful City Of Perth 1/3/2003
163. Forget-Me-Not 1/3/2003
164. A Tribute To Henry M. Stanley 1/3/2003
165. A Tribute To Mr J. Graham Henderson, The World's Fair Judge 1/3/2003
166. The Little Match Girl 1/3/2003
167. The Relief Of Mafeking 1/3/2003
168. The Disastrous Fire At Scarborough 1/3/2003
169. An Address To The Rev. George Gilfillan 1/3/2003
170. A Tale Of Elsinore 1/3/2003
171. An Ode To The Queen On Her Jubilee Year 1/3/2003
172. The Moon 1/3/2003
173. The Destroying Angel 1/3/2003
174. Descriptive Jottings Of London 1/3/2003
175. The Battle Of Tel-El-Kebir 1/3/2003
176. The Blind Girl 1/3/2003
177. An Ode To The Queen 1/3/2003
178. The Sorrows Of The Blind 1/3/2003
179. A Summary History Of Lord Clive 1/3/2003
180. The Battle Of Waterloo 1/3/2003
181. A Tribute To Dr. Murison 1/3/2003
182. The Sunderland Calamity 1/3/2003
183. A Tribute To Mr Murphy And The Blue Ribbon Army 1/3/2003
184. The Railway Bridge Of The Silvery Tay 1/3/2003
185. An Adventure In The Life Of King James V Of Scotland 1/3/2003
186. An Autumn Reverie 1/3/2003
187. A Soldier's Reprieve 1/3/2003
188. The Crucifixion Of Christ 1/3/2003
189. The Hero Of Rorke's Drift 1/3/2003
190. A New Year's Resolution To Leave Dundee 1/3/2003
191. An Address To The New Tay Bridge 1/3/2003
192. A Tale Of The Sea 1/3/2003
193. An Excursion Steamer Sunk In The Tay 1/3/2003
194. A Requisition To The Queen 1/3/2003
195. An All-Night Sea Fight 1/3/2003
196. A Tale Of Christmas Eve 1/3/2003
197. Adventures Of King Robert The Bruce 1/3/2003
198. A New Temperance Poem, In Memory Of My Departed Parents, Who Were Sober Living & God Fearing People 1/3/2003
199. The Tay Bridge Disaster 1/3/2003
200. A Humble Heroine 1/3/2003

Comments about William Topaz McGonagall

  • Walterrean Salley (11/27/2016 6:10:00 PM)

    Just discovered William Topaz McGonagall. This man is a great poet. His writings, uniquely, are a good work.
    Can barely wait to visit again.

    3 person liked.
    0 person did not like.
  • Tristan Werbe (3/18/2013 8:08:00 AM)

    Kayne West is a true poet

  • Tubal Kane (10/24/2012 9:47:00 PM)

    Just like other works of art or such
    to each his own
    For some think works of McGonagall not much
    To others, the illumination is shown

  • alice sunderland (10/20/2006 6:59:00 AM)

    you rock. kick-buttocks etc.

Best Poem of William Topaz McGonagall

A Descriptive Poem On The Silvery Tay

Beautiful silvery Tay,
With your landscapes, so lovely and gay,
Along each side of your waters, to Perth all the way;
No other river in the world has got scenery more fine,
Only I am told the beautiful Rhine,
Near to Wormit Bay, it seems very fine,
Where the Railway Bridge is towering above its waters sublime,
And the beautiful ship Mars,
With her Juvenile Tare,
Both lively and gay,
Does carelessly lie By night and by day,
In the beautiful Bay
Of the silvery Tay.
Beautiful, beautiful silvery Tay,
Thy scenery is enchanting on a fine summer day,
Near ...

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The Battle Of Glencoe

Twas in the month of October, and in the year of 1899,
Which the Boers will remember for a very long time,
Because by the British Army they received a crushing blow;
And were driven from Smith's Hill at the Battle of Glencoe.

The Boers' plan of the battle was devised with great skill,
And about 7000 men of them were camped on Smith's Hill;
And at half-past five the battle began,
And the Boers behaved bravely to a man.

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