Willio Etienne

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Brand new way of living, I have been trying to be like Christ like for some years now, but never succeed to stay stable and hold it up to my change.'' It always seem like when I try to move five step forward, I always fall ten step back. Thanks to be to the grace of God... And the power of the cross, JESUS CHRIST who have not giving up on me, I might of fail but God Has never fail me. Amen.

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No Reason For A Reason

It must be a reason to see'' the i dont know the reason to see is why i see. Probably im deep and surfing the sea, Am I aware im reaching to see, not believing the dead and what else could be, I reach for the stars not a place for the sleep, im no longer dreaming I could see they all asleep. no one really care about a place for there feet. they all

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