Willio Etienne

Biography of Willio Etienne

Brand new way of living, I have been trying to be like Christ like for some years now, but never succeed to stay stable and hold it up to my change.'' It always seem like when I try to move five step forward, I always fall ten step back. Thanks to be to the grace of God... And the power of the cross, JESUS CHRIST who have not giving up on me, I might of fail but God Has never fail me. Amen.

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William Shake Spree

Poetic i can bring more at it, edge wise cross the boundary line, and leave shake spree behid' He only spoke of man kind and saw with one eye which lead the peolpe unravel sequel, not realizing he held his conversation in side ways, true love dont die and fly away. He saw and understood what was by the highways, william shake spree, i brake these l

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