Willis Gaylord Clark

(1808-1841 / USA)

Biography of Willis Gaylord Clark

Willis Gaylord Clark (October 5, 1808 – June 12, 1841) was an American poet.

He was born in Otisco, New York and the twin-brother of Lewis Gaylord Clark. Clark wrote for the Knickerbocker Magazine a series of amusing articles called Ollapodiana. Among his best known poems is The Spirit of Life (1833). In the latter part of his life, he was the chief editor of the Philadelphia Gazette. Clark died from tuberculosis in Philadelphia, June 12, 1841. His Literary Remains were published in 1844, and a reissue of his collected poems in 1847.

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Methinks, when on the languid eye
Life's autumn scenes grow dim;
When evening's shadows veil the sky;
And pleasure's siren hymn
Grows fainter on the tuneless ear,
Like echoes from another sphere,
Or dreams of seraphim--
It were not sad to cast away
This dull and cumbrous load of clay.

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