Wini Jose

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Wini Jose Poems

1. The Butterfly 12/31/2011
2. The Journey Of A Seed 12/31/2011
3. The Tree 2/23/2012
4. A Teacher 2/24/2012
5. Cartoons 2/25/2012
6. Life Is Nothing But A Race 2/28/2012
7. I Believe 4/17/2012
8. Why To Compare? 5/30/2012
9. Guilt 10/13/2012
10. The Excuse Of A Lazy Kid 12/21/2012
11. Hope 2/12/2013
12. You 3/19/2013
13. This World 1/20/2012
14. Traffic Jam 6/23/2012
15. Construction 6/6/2012
16. The Lamp Of The Night Sky 2/26/2012
17. The Lift 3/7/2012
18. The Chameleon 3/24/2012
19. If Animals Could Speak 2/24/2012
20. Miles Away 12/31/2011
21. Rain 12/31/2011
22. My Sister 3/2/2012
23. I Dont Know 12/30/2011
24. Imagine Beyond Imagination 1/5/2012
25. Destiny 12/31/2011
26. The Life Of A Flower 2/26/2012
27. The Story Of A Stray Cat 8/21/2012
Best Poem of Wini Jose

The Story Of A Stray Cat

Two little ears above her tiny head,
She was thin since she was not very well fed.
Everyday she would come at my doorstep with a seductive mew,
Waiting anxiously for the bones of last night's duck stew.
She would walk around my legs, tickling me with her fluffy tail,
Sometimes scratching a bark with her claws as sharp as a nail.
Her eyes were like two green marbles set in her beautiful white face,
And her whiskers danced in the wind like a shoe lace.
One day she came to my house with a new member,
A brown and white kitten, if I remember.
They were truly a ...

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The Butterfly

The story I am going to say is about a little worm,
Who could only crawl and squirm.
He used to crawl on a big mulberry tree,
And used to eat all its leaves for free.
Now the animals of that place hated him for his looks,
But the poor worm took no notice of these crooks.
He ate and ate and ate and became very fat,
And once he even scared away a ferocious bat! !
But the next day he was not to be found,

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