Winnie Kkk

Biography of Winnie Kkk

I was born in Waukesha and now im currently at Palmyra. I've been writing poems for about,4 years now and i've written some pretty good ones. My poems have been in out near by news paper and the others were published in a book. My first published poem was in 7th grade, we had to write a poem because it was Red Ribbon Week. So of course it had to be about drugs or alchol. I wrote mine on drunk driving. I was put in a book called Twilight Muslings. It was pretty amazing. Updates


People always use the word hate.
Do they really understand the meaning?
Everyday they say it at least one time.
But do they see the hurt in ones eyes.

They will never really understand.
Every word they might say.
With that word hate,
It could make the world turn grey.

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