Winston Dsouza

Rookie (21/04/1996 / Taccode (Indian))

Biography of Winston Dsouza

Winston Dsouza born on 21-april-1996 in southern part of India in a state called Karnataka in a coastal viallage named Taccode (ta-co-de) near the city mangalore. William and Matilda Dsouza are the parents of the Winston Dsouza, Winston is the first child of william and Walien Dsouza(09-JUNE-2000) is the second one.Winston was baptismed at the Little Flower church, at present Niddodi, on May 23 excatly 32 days after his birth on 21-april.
William and Matilda Dsouza are the agriculturist by the occupation and presently William Dsouza is in Gulf and Mtilda is a house wife.Winston's primary and high school education was in the local school in the nera by town called moodbidri and Winston had a good grasping ability in his school days and he learnt his lessons well.
Now to glance on Winstons living, he is a nature lover and always shows mercy on nature and its animals.He always says 'By my living I should not be the reason of any ones grief or pain, but should be the reason of some ones happiness or gain'.He always wishes that his fellow beings be happy. He has greatr mercy on the animals and always questions that 'Is it right to eat non vegeterian food by man? By killing the innocent animals for his happiness or lifestyle? 'this shows that he has a great mercy on nature and animals.

Winston got the idea or intrest in poetry by the great William Shakespere.He was just inspired by the writings of Sir Shakespere espacially his great sonnets.Winston have only wrote sonnets till now and only took the olden themes or static themes never he adopted to the modern themes as he always like to be in a olden thinking.
Winston began to write poetry in his age of 15 when he was in his high school days.At first Winston dint had the intrest in sonnets but had a keen intrest in poetry and poems and he thinks that poems are the most beautiful written works, but later when Winston saw the sonnets on Sir William Shakespere he got his mind done to Write sonnets and he greatly respects William Shakepsre.

Till today winston have wrote only few sonnets but those are of great meaning some are just usuall and mind cooling ones but some contains the essence of life in them.And in the near future there is a hope and waiting that Winston would truly excel in his sonnets and be a good poet and contribute to the english literature from his side a bit and by writing sonnets he would be succesful in giving his respect to the evergreen poet and dramatist the great William Shakespere. Updates

Rich And Poor

Leather in feet, rings in fingers,
Dancers to dance, to sing singers,
Palaces to live and to sit royal chairs,
Gold and royal robes he wares,
Wine to drink, meat to eat,
Wordly life so neat,
But, other face of human life,
Will tear you like a sharp beaten knife,
No full dress to wear, no thoughts to share,

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