Winter Coulter

Rookie [Moonlight] (March 3rd,1994 / Winnemucca, Nevada)

Biography of Winter Coulter

Don't judge me unless you know me. I don't care what people say about me and if you have a problem with me come face me. I'm who I am and thats all I can be. I take care of my family and friends. With me what you see is what you get Updates

Many Lies

I thought I knew you but I only knew the mask.
You showed your true colors.
I thought you loved me, but now I realize you cannot love.
I saw those thoughts behind your eyes yet I still fell in love with your lies.
I thought I could trust you
Then you showed me that I cannot trust anyone, not even myself.
My heart fell into your hands and I felt it break.
You said you knew me but I showed you that you knew nothing.
A lot can be hidden behind blue eyes.

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