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Hey Mr. Agaba
Here comes in today's reminder
_or call it a warning:
Learn to do your stuff in silence

Like a mother's heart
Caring for the careless babes
Who when become happier
The mother becomes stronger

I love poetry
For it's a remedy unto the hopeless
A cure unto the retarded
And unfailing unto every malady.

I pity my reader
_you who sit in your closet
Only to find I've again written trash_
O it's a pity!

Weary of talking and walking
_ walking amid this world's balkings_
The eye of mine I did cast
A way beyond the heart groanings

Nakusabahi mamangu, salamu toka tumboni
Namsifu sana Mungu, kwa kunitia chupani
Wala sihisi uchungu, Mola hunipa amani
Ila nambiya kwa nini, au kesho utajuta

He saves
Yes that man redeems
_He saved even me, the vilest offender.
O yes He did!

Do I call myself a believer,
Sympathetic and not a griever?
Do I at times even obey
Without a single desire to stray?

You can't be useless
In life so aimless
Or maybe it's what you want
Then work hard for it.

When you get to know it
Keep yourself calm
And if you cannot
Leastwise make it not a psalm.

Without you...
I halfway exist.

Without me...

All like a dream
I was taken away
To where no one to miss would wish

Boojo is born
Boojo is born last
He's loved,
Cared for and monitored.

Na wengi ninadaiwa, hasa katika elimu
Kuna vingi nilipewa, kunishikisha kalamu
Na mengi nilielewa, hasa na yeye mwalimu
Nitahitaji hukumu, nitakapomsahau

You may together fetter my legs
With my hands shackled at my back
Then you stand aloof and laugh
But like Lazarus from the grave

My husband is lost
The one that rescued me at the sea bank
From jumping into that scarey sea
Of the climactic years

Cathy is born loved
By her exonerative dad and mum
Who when they at 10 AM
Find her hands still folded a little in sleep

The city sits still
Between an assemblage of hills
With three notable outlets:
One to the capital city,

I owe you a lot for life, Lord
But I then ask why me
That without the painkiller so called hope
I have but nothing else within

Witness Agaba Biography

Born to Generous and Fred William Kwesiga in Western Uganda. Witness Agaba had always desired to become a poet. He completed his primary and secondary education levels from the same region and is currently at Kabale University pursuing a bachelor's degree in arts with Education, English Language and Literature. He knows the taste of poetry and the joy thereof.

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Even So Today

Hey Mr. Agaba
Here comes in today's reminder
_or call it a warning:
Learn to do your stuff in silence
And scale down your trust
In Adam's seed.

Mr. Witness
Please know when to speak
And when you feel it not
Don't even try
Why will you regret?

Don't fear criticism
People will always do
Even when you put a sock in it
You won't stop it
So to live with it train yourself.

Today remember your goal
And aim at archiving it all
But if in this you do your best
Tell you not even one
Except God in prayer
For He's a rewarder of the like.

Get you out now
And in this forget not a jot
Or you'll again return
with a thorn in your heart.

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