Francis Duggan Words Poems

Be Careful With Your Words

With words I put to paper and words that I say
I hope I don't cause offence in any way
And since some feel offended by some others truth
In our usage of words we should not lack in ruth.

The Wise One Is A Man Of Few Words

The wise one is a man of few words he does not belong to a Social Club
He has a glass of wine after supper he is never at the Local Pub
Most who know him think that he is not wise since he has so little to say
Feel lucky they say that if from him you get a hello or good day

Words Meant For To Hurt

They can cause resentment the feelings they sting
Words used for to hurt can be a painful thing
And if with your words you do choose to be cruel
To ill feelings you surely will light the fuel

Self Praise It Is No Praise Those Words I Recall

Self praise it is no praise those words I recall
And pride they will tell you comes before a fall
And at times we all have to swallow our pride
But when one door on us closes another opens wide.

With Words We Can Be Insulting

Words can be so very hurtful we hurt others when crude things to them we say
I should know I've hurt people with words in karma for that I will pay
Some times we can hurt people's feelings without even meaning to
Amazing the power of the written or the spoken word the damage a few words can do.

Words Can Be So Very Hurtful

Words can be so very hurtful some men never think before they speak
Men who weep aloud in public places should not be branded as weak
I cannot see it as unmanly if people their true feelings show
Rednecks may well define their ideas of manhood though little of Human feelings they know.


Words can make you happy or cause you mental pain
And the hurt of words said with the hurted remain
For more than a month or for more than a year
Some words said about us may be best not to hear.

The Poets Live On In Their Words

'Tis said by some that poets are born and poets cannot be made
Whilst others say that anyone can learn the wordsmith trade
And good poets come and good poets go but their words will live on
And their poems will be read and loved long after they are gone.

She Was Not Pleased With My Words

For lampooning Prince Charles in verse she said I would burn in hell
But of the existence of a life hereafter how can she or anyone tell
Since none have come back to tell us if the afterlife World exist
The advice of the converted I have chosen to resist.

Wise Words Of The Wise One

Wise words of the wise one i can only recall
That a fair go to some is not a fair go to all
A fair go is something that to all should apply
Though some of this of others do choose to deny

Miranda Knows The Words

Miranda knows the words of many an old song
And at the R S L club on a Saturday evening she always leads in the sing along
Her husband a war veteran died two years ago
He was a brave fellow the honorable Joe

No Words You Can Say

No words you can say for to console a person for the loss of a cherished one
A loved husband or wife or partner or daughter or son,
Aunt, Uncle, nephew or niece, or friend
Only time can truly heal grief why otherwise pretend

One Of Few Words

He is one of few words he never speaks loud
The only silent one in the noisy crowd
Yet it is true that the person with little to say
Is one who does learn from life every day

Her Words Of Wisdom

We dislike in others what in ourselves we do see
A wise woman years ago did say to me
And though she may be at rest where the deceased do lay
Her words of wisdom are with me today

Your Words May Come Back To Bite You

Your words may come back to bite you as the wise one does say
With the Republican U S Presidential Candidate Donald Trump it is looking this way
That his recorded insulting of women some while ago
Could well have ruined his last slim chance of becoming President well may be so

Those Who In Their Words

Those who in their words are unkind
To acts of compassion are never inclined
They only find pleasure on verbally putting others down
And sadly people like them in every town

What If Are Words

What if are words you hear some people say
Of hopes that they had that for them did not turn out that way
The regrets of what might have been the decades do span
For many a woman and many a man

The Words Of A Wise Person

The words of a wise person i do recall
In life you may win some but you cannot win them all
For one to win others lose it is this way
And there are winners and losers in life every day

The Wise Words Of A Wise Person

The wise words of a wise person i do recall
That your biggest worry to another would seem small
Many have far bigger worries than you
Though you are not or will never be one of the well to do

The Words A Fair Go

Some people in their thinking do seem rather small
Their idea of a fair go does not include all
Those they see as different to them from their circle they exclude
And in some of their ways they seem racist and rude

With Rhyming Words

With rhyming words i am one who does like to play
And i add to my numbers of rhymes every day
To write rhymes is easy as easy as can be
Anybody can do it as most would agree

Sometimes By Our Words

Sometimes by our words we are known to deceive
But in truth we are only on what we believe
And if your thoughts tell you to do others ill
You most certainly can and you certainly will

The Wisdom In His Words

A wise old fellow once told me one who ought to know
That from little worries big worries do grow
So live to be happy and enjoy a few laughs every day
Happy people live longer it does seem this way

Some People Who Enjoy Using Their Words

Some people who enjoy using their words in a negative way
Of people like me never have kind things to say
They have their opinions and this suits me fine
And what they think of me is their business and their business not mine

With Rhyme Words

With rhyme words i am one who does love to play
And new rhymes do come to my mind every day
On notebook paper i pen them down
But never for money or for literary renown

The People Who In Their Words

Though there are not many who live without sin
The power to do good only comes from within
Those who for others kindness, compassion and empathy show
Are people who does possess the inner glow

Words Of A Wise Person

The words of a wise person i often recall
That no act of kindness is ever too small
Though by being kind and caring you may never know of renown
And be an admired one of your side of the town

With Words J J Callanan Was One Who Had A Way

Far from Cork in Portugal his last remains do lay
With words J J Callanan was one who had a way
His poems have long outlived him and are widely read today
What is great does stand the test of time as the wise one does say

With Words J J Callanan

Far from Cork in Portugal his last remains do lay
With words J J Callanan was one who had a way
His poems have long outlived him and are widely read today
What is great does stand the test of time as the wise one does say

I Am One Of Those Who With Words Like To Play

I am one of those who with words like to play
A rhymer as such i write rhymes every day
Without fame or the rewards of monetary pay
But what i love doing i could not give away

It Is Nice To Be Nice With Those Words I Agree

On the way we treat others we do have a choice
In the words of the wise one it is nice to be nice
A smile and a cheerful hello does not cost one a thing
And a moment of happiness to someone does bring

The Words In An Old Song

It can come to you in the words of an old song
Wherever you go to your past with you goes along man
You think of the girl in the far away town
With blue eyes and shoulder length wavy hair of brown

Words Of A Wise One

A wise one than most people wiser by far
Once said you are not the person even your friends think you are
Or not the person yourself think you are but the person you happen to be
Though such thinking would not be popular with the majority would you not agree

The Three Words

The three words I love you for some hard to say
Though by millions those words are repeated each day
But those who have not known love in childhood love unable to give
They struggle with the tender human feelings for as long as they live

In Your Words

In your words pay every man and woman the respect they are due
You live life as a good person if to such you remain true
And not be harboring grudges and those who sin against you do forgive
That's part of the living bible in to live and let live

One Of The Most Abused Words

One of the most abused words in the World of today
Is the word poet or so it does seem that way
Where millions unworthy of literary note
Are not shy to proclaim themselves as a poet

For Most Words

For most words you will find there's a word to rhyme
That's how it has been now for centuries of time
But nowadays literary experts never refer to a rhymer as poet
They reserve such a title for one they see as more worthy of note

Action Does Speak Louder Than Words

Not much has changed for Australia's Indigenous people since Prime Minister Kevin Ruud sorry to them did say
For wrongs against them by Australian Governments the hurt of the past is slow to go away
We may never again have the Stolen Generation But many Indigenous Australians live in poverty
It is sad to think that many First Australians are doing it tough in the twenty first century

Their Minds For Words

Their minds for words do have a huge appetite
The writers as we know are born to write
And though some may be seen as unworthy of note
There will always be the novelist the playwright and poet

Harsh Words When Uncalled For

'Tis easy to cause offense to others if you are that way inclined
Though 'tis far easier to like those who are caring and kind
Those who cause you offense you well may forgive
But they won't be your friends without them you can live

I Am One Of Those Blokes Who With Words Like To Play

I am one of those blokes who with words like to play
One addicted to rhyming I rhyme every day
Anybody can rhyme with that most would agree
It comes easy to you and it comes easy to me

Respect To Them Or Their Words

Respect to them or their words I never do pay
The few who have told me to give rhyming away
I barely could bid them the time of the day
Unkind things of anyone does seem wrong to say.

The Farewell Words

Down her lovely face the tears roll from her eyes
Quite emotional for her the last goodbyes
Tomorrow from home she will be far away
The farewell words are always hard to say

No Fool Like An Old Fool No Truer Words Said

One cannot say of Fred he's a pleasure to meet
Or that he is quite humble or free of conceit
After a recent visit to his plastic surgeon he has dyed his gray hair brown
He fancies himself as a man about town

Those Who With Their Words

Those who with their words choose to put others down
Are surely not an asset to their side of the town
They highlight their own failings by behaving in such a way
Their kind never grow wise they just grow old and gray

The Power Of Words

The power of words is awesome then do use your words wisely
And tell the truth at all times the truth will set you free
Of any guilt or regret a far wiser one than i
Said one lie leads to another and to another lie.

Her Words Did Not Flatter Me

She said around the edges you seem a bit rough
For to say the least you pen some negative stuff
In the literary World you'll never be one of note
So many poetasters for every poet

Words Can Be

Words can be so beautiful and words can be so cruel
And for laughter or offence words can be the fuel
So do use your words wisely and use your words with ruth
And though the truth not always easy to speak do always speak the truth.

Words Of Little Use To Me

The scorn and anger of others i find hard to take their verbal blows i cannot parry
And words of little use to me in my defence since my words weight do not carry
But of bullies i know little fear in their hearts they are yellow
The bull that you should fear the most doesn't have the loudest bellow

The Words Of The Poet

The words he has penned will long outlive the poet
In decades from now a student of poetry will quote
A poem or two or three of the great
Good work on it never has a use by date,

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