Wyndon Villafuerte

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Biography of Wyndon Villafuerte

My name is Wyndon Villafuerte and I am an amateur poet. I'm actually an artist (I do Western and Japanese calligraphy, portraiture, and some manga or anime) but I got into poetry just recently from reading poems online. Since then, my interest in the art of poetry has grown a whole lot and I wish to become better at it.

The kinds of poems I like to write are Japanese haiku in both Japanese and English, as well as tanka (literally 'short poem') . As a matter of fact, Japanese poetry (especially the poetry of Kobayashi Issa, Matsuo Basho, and Yosa Buson) has had an influence on me. I like its simplicity and Zen-like quality, and its use of clear, concise language, which also transfers into my writing of Western-style poems in English. However, I hope to expand my horizons by experimenting with other types of forms.

My hobbies and interests include martial arts, watching TV, videogames, reading/studying poems by other people, listening to music, studying foreign languages and their writing systems, cooking, and playing the piano.

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A Letter To A Friend

Dear friend who shall be unnamed,

I know that what I’ve said before
Was really downright nasty;
It’s just the anger and confusion talking;
I hope you can forgive me.

I also know that you are young at heart
And you don’t know any better;

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