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Well maybe it’s time to introduce myself. My given name is Leslie so you may ask why do I write under the name Wynono Kwahu well I will try and explain as best I can.

I was born in Scotland back in 1955 and although my place of birth dictates that I am Scottish my heart has always sung me a different song. I feel nature as if it is part of my soul and I cannot say that I am Scottish, English, British or American, I feel only part of the world.

“The Richest Man in the world is poor if all he has is money”
“The Poorest Man is Rich If he lives with love in his heart”

Wynono Kwahu

Wynono Kwahu's Works:

I have published a book of poems which you can see in LuLu here http: //www.lulu.com/spotlight/wynono_kwahu or in Amazon here http: //www.amazon.com/Words-Heart-Mr-Wynono-Kwahu/dp/1468147420/ref=sr_1_1? ie=UTF8&qid=1326471487&sr=8-1 If you descide to read my book please send me any comments.

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Call Of The Wild

Such a beautiful creature with a coat so white
Why does survival have to be a fight?
Your eyes they glisten in the moonlight
People of the world please hear her plight

Please stay and walk on the land of Man
Great Spirit above please lend a hand
This creature needs you, she should be protected
Don’t run from this battle don’t be unconnected

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