Xavier Paolo Josh Ledesma Mandreza

Rookie [joshmandreza] (02 September 1977 / Makati City)

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Song Of Charlene

As I stare out the Window
The Sweet Rays of the Sun reminds me of your Glowing Face,

Your Sparkling Eyes resembles
That One Star in the Night Sky
Which catches my Eye.

All of a sudden,
I feel your Hand caress my Shoulder;
Chills run down my Spine as you
Whisper softly in my Ear.

I feel as if,
I was floating in-between the Clouds; Flying-free,
Then I awoke and I realise as I was sitting on my Bed,
That your loving Arms aren't there with me;
That it was all just a Dream and I didn't want to wake up;

And I ...

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Haiku Season

The Spider climbs Walls
To make a Web of Fortune
For the Careless Fly.

The Spider spins Webs
On the Top of the Ceiling
Whilst wearing Glasses.

A Fly falls on Web

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