Xavier Paolo Josh Ledesma Mandreza

Rookie (02 September 1977 / Makati City, Philippines)

Biography of Xavier Paolo Josh Ledesma Mandreza

Hello People! My name is Xavier Paolo Josh Mandreza y Ledesma,35 years old, born in Makati City, Philippines and I have been writing Poetry about...early 1981...? About when I was Twelve Years...? Yeah, that's about it, heh heh! =) I'm very Open and Friendly to everyone though prone to emotional sensitivity due to my ADHD condition which I am currently trying to control...Which is why my biggest likes are being Open to people and learning all new sorts of things and my Biggest Dislikes are Jerks and people with really Inflated Egos; So please do forgive me if I get emotional and hyperactive at times. Poetry for me is more of like a Song...Your Heart needs to Sing whenever it's Happy or meets that Special Someone you would love to share your Life and Talents with. Never deny it for once it goes it will rarely come back to you again. I hope to be an outstanding and helpful Member of this Community. Thank you. =)

P.S. Please do forgive me if my Profile Pic is out of symmetry (I'm notourious for that!) and whenever I do reviews it is because I LOVE or REACT to the Poem itself and not to pass it by just to get mine published. I just want to make that clear. Thank you again.

P.P.S. Though these SONNETS AND VERSES are PERSONAL and PARTICULAR at Base, I Hope it could Help Someone at least; If they're Interested.

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I would like to find my Quintessence;

But where is HE? In a Place called HEART,

Where the Dove perched high above the Tree

Would someday in its Instinct fly down and land on my Knee.

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