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I'm Xaviera Pfeiffer(: I also go by Miah or my gothic nickname Raven(: I'm 15. I'm gothic. Not satanist atheist or christian. I'm my own person. I'm apart of my own gothic religion. I'm white. I have regular Christmas's. I'm not racist (I dislike racist ppl) . I'm easy to get along with unless you give me a reason to hate you. I have a wonderful lover. I'm open to be friends with just about anyone. I'll be friends with Christians as long as they don't push their religion onto me. I hope to become an actual poet someday.(: I also hope to meet my famous cousins if they're not too obnoxious to meet me! Have a nice day! (:

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My Dear Soldier

Farewell my dear soldier.
As you march off the mainland.
Over the seas.
My heart will yearn for you till you return.
Come home soon, where you're deeply missed and loved.
My dear soldier.
I shed tears for you.
As you pass by with the flag.
Your hand over your heart.

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