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I'm Xaviera Pfeiffer(: I also go by Miah or my gothic nickname Raven(: I'm 15. I'm gothic. Not satanist atheist or christian. I'm my own person. I'm apart of my own gothic religion. I'm white. I have regular Christmas's. I'm not racist (I dislike racist ppl) . I'm easy to get along with unless you give me a reason to hate you. I have a wonderful lover. I'm open to be friends with just about anyone. I'll be friends with Christians as long as they don't push their religion onto me. I hope to become an actual poet someday.(: I also hope to meet my famous cousins if they're not too obnoxious to meet me! Have a nice day! (:

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Her Last Christmas

The cold is here.
As I play in the snow.
Laughing and enjoying the crystal flakes.
Throwing snow balls at my little sister.

Mother is sick.
Deathly ill.

Murmuring words into my father’s ear.

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