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I have been writting poems for as long as I can remember. I never thought much of it until about two years back.98% of my poems are about hate, death, and/or sorrow. I've never really been able to write about anything else. It seems that I can only write when I am mad or sad, otherwise the words don't seem to work together.
I've just recently gotten into a hobby that my fiance' has been into for some time and it's pretty cool. It is really expensive and hard to keep up with. We collect(I guess) asian ball jointed dolls called Dollfies. I've been caught up in that and so haven't drawn or written in quite some time...

By the way! ! ! ! Check out my brothers work! He is really good! ! ! ! He is Andrew Wegele.

I've now got 3 of my poems published and in books. They are 'After the Death of All Lives', Child', and 'Dead or Alive'. I am also in the process of getting a short story published. The name of it is 'Never Apart'.

P.P.S....P.S.S.... (or whatever it is...)

If you click 'more info' to try and find out more about me... umm... well... a lot of those people are not me... just have the same name...sadly.
These one's ARE me (In case you cared or anything) :

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Poems by / from poet XBlackxRainbowX best love poem famous poets...
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The flesh is torn
For the blade is worn.
I guess nothing is quick and easy.
Ecstacy, I fear,
Is not comming near.
I guess that's why I'm queasy.
That stains on my shirt,
Seeming like dirt,
Tell the tale yet again.

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