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Just an extraordinary being that likes poetry and video games. I can speak (almost) perfect English. I also speak a wee bit of: Latin, Swahili, German, Spanish, French, Italian, Japanese, and Greek. Plus I know yet one more language, which I will admit is from a video game, Al Bhed. For those that know it: 'Kuut milg, yht kuut tyo! '

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Aareth's Friend

'Ekcara', she yells to him,
Catching him off guard,
Causing his foot to flinch,
Resulting in him to fall uponst a shard.
A rush of red, a flutter of pain,
A twitch of death, a loss of breath,
A yelp from him and a scream from her,
For he was off to meet the god of death, Aareth.

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