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Yaritza Florencio Poems

1. My Hearts Museum 5/16/2007
2. To Reach 6/1/2007
3. His Last Words 8/3/2007
4. What Is Love? 10/12/2007
5. Something A Friend Would Say 12/3/2007
6. God Are You There At All.......Ever 2/13/2008
7. 'No Ideas But In Things' 2/19/2008
8. “gift To The Darkness” 3/11/2008
9. All I’d Leave Behind 3/31/2008
10. All I’d Leave Behind ((2)) 3/31/2008
11. All I’d Leave Behind ((3)) 3/31/2008
12. When All Other Lights Go Out (Love Disease) 9/18/2008
13. One Second Of A Perfect Whatever (Love You Forever) 9/18/2008
14. Dialogue. 5/15/2009
15. My Life. 5/15/2009
16. My World Would Be Worth Giving If The Last Thing I Saw Was You 5/15/2009
17. All You Need Is Me. 5/15/2009
18. Some Questions.... 5/15/2009
19. Like We Are Just This One Man Army. 6/1/2009
20. Too Much Love Can Kill You. 7/2/2009
21. The Guy I Love Isn’t Perfect 8/31/2009
22. A Stranger To Most, An Open Book For Some 7/4/2008
23. What I Want For This World (((As Horrible As It Might Sound))) 7/10/2008
24. English 3 1/5/2010
25. No Theme. 5/17/2010
26. That You Seek 8/12/2011
27. Who Is Yari? 10/25/2012
28. New Brand Of Feeling 1/29/2014
29. What Makes You Different 10/30/2009
30. You Are A Mountain 6/29/2007
31. Loves And Lovers 1/15/2008
32. We Were Born Free 11/28/2011
33. Falling To Pieces 4/14/2010
34. I Am Because You Are. 1/5/2010
35. What Is Beauty? 5/20/2007
36. Why Love Is Hard…. 4/15/2008
37. So That All We Hear Is The Chirp Of A Lonely Bird 7/23/2008
38. Love Is....Love Is...Because It Is What Love Is 5/15/2009
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Love Is....Love Is...Because It Is What Love Is

Love is the coin in the fountain
The wish that’s never granted
Love is the night sky that has more stars than you need
But less stars than you want

Love is that story that doesn’t have a clear ending
And no matter what you do, you can’t imagine a happy one

Love is that sky with only a single cloud
And just when you need the sunlight it creeps in front of the sun
And the light goes out

Love is that mark on you
The one you were born with
Want to get rid of
But wouldn’t be the same without

Love is that little tree standing lonely on ...

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My Hearts Museum

Maybe not a present but its what I wish to give
Something a peasant would end up giving a king
Maybe I’m not taking you to Italy, Sicily or Rome
But into a simple museum carved out of mere stone
I will personally lead you trough the corridors
Till we come to a hall then make a left to a room filt and rebuilt not long ago

In this room there will be many windows and through each one u will see my heart being broken just as awful as can be
Your heart will be ill as you watch my heart b

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