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1. My Hearts Museum 5/16/2007
2. To Reach 6/1/2007
3. His Last Words 8/3/2007
4. What Is Love? 10/12/2007
5. Something A Friend Would Say 12/3/2007
6. 'No Ideas But In Things' 2/19/2008
7. All I’d Leave Behind ((2)) 3/31/2008
8. All I’d Leave Behind ((3)) 3/31/2008
9. When All Other Lights Go Out (Love Disease) 9/18/2008
10. One Second Of A Perfect Whatever (Love You Forever) 9/18/2008
11. Dialogue. 5/15/2009
12. A Stranger To Most, An Open Book For Some 7/4/2008
13. What I Want For This World (((As Horrible As It Might Sound))) 7/10/2008
14. My World Would Be Worth Giving If The Last Thing I Saw Was You 5/15/2009
15. All You Need Is Me. 5/15/2009
16. Like We Are Just This One Man Army. 6/1/2009
17. Too Much Love Can Kill You. 7/2/2009
18. The Guy I Love Isn’t Perfect 8/31/2009
19. English 3 1/5/2010
20. No Theme. 5/17/2010
21. That You Seek 8/12/2011
22. Who Is Yari? 10/25/2012
23. New Brand Of Feeling 1/29/2014
24. What Makes You Different 10/30/2009
25. We Were Born Free 11/28/2011
26. Falling To Pieces 4/14/2010
27. Loves And Lovers 1/15/2008
28. I Am Because You Are. 1/5/2010
29. Some Questions.... 5/15/2009
30. My Life. 5/15/2009
31. God Are You There At All.......Ever 2/13/2008
32. “gift To The Darkness” 3/11/2008
33. You Are A Mountain 6/29/2007
34. All I’d Leave Behind 3/31/2008
35. Why Love Is Hard…. 4/15/2008
36. What Is Beauty? 5/20/2007
37. So That All We Hear Is The Chirp Of A Lonely Bird 7/23/2008
38. Love Is....Love Is...Because It Is What Love Is 5/15/2009

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So That All We Hear Is The Chirp Of A Lonely Bird

Some Crazy thing inside told me money is what anyone would want
Or some Material thing you could easily flaunt
But inside an emotionless place
I found something money could never replace
I kind of realized I have something to tell you
Something I know you knew
But even if you know
Here I go:

I love you how a fat boy likes cake
How the Earth loves the sun when it wakes

I love you how the stars love the moon
How Indians love the Monsoon

I love you how coffee loves sugar and cream
I love you how pillows love a good dream

I love ...

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My Hearts Museum

Maybe not a present but its what I wish to give
Something a peasant would end up giving a king
Maybe I’m not taking you to Italy, Sicily or Rome
But into a simple museum carved out of mere stone
I will personally lead you trough the corridors
Till we come to a hall then make a left to a room filt and rebuilt not long ago

In this room there will be many windows and through each one u will see my heart being broken just as awful as can be
Your heart will be ill as you watch my heart b