Yasmeen Khan

Bronze Star - 2,226 Points [Quill pen] (Islamabad)

Yasmeen Khan Poems

41. A Friendship Fair 9/12/2013
42. If I Ever Beg Divine Providence To Live Another Life 9/4/2013
43. Hope Aglow 7/29/2016
44. Where's The Starlit Sky Gone? 1/6/2014
45. Flowers In The Snow 4/2/2015
46. Ghazal 2 12/29/2014
47. خوشبو 8/27/2015
48. The Jewel Of The Morn 6/10/2013
49. Endless Flow 6/27/2013
50. A Compasssionate Heart 1/22/2013
51. Faith 2/4/2013
52. Haiku 2/3/2013
53. Shifting Sands 3/19/2013
54. I Have Heard The Silences.... 7/23/2013
55. Diary Ke Warq(Urdu) 6/25/2013
56. Mera Sarmaia, Meri Aas(Urdu) 9/24/2013
57. Pindar (Urdu) 6/5/2013
58. Haiku(3) 6/10/2013
59. Silence Yearns To Speak 7/23/2013
60. Morning Tiptoes Down The Hills 7/19/2013
61. Ecstasy 1/13/2013
62. All The Sparrows Have Gone 1/8/2013
63. A Croak In The Dark 4/17/2013
64. The Moonlight Sonata 5/10/2013
65. Celestial Lights 5/13/2013
66. Waiting 9/30/2013
67. Agar Khabi Aisa Ho....(Urdu) 9/5/2013
68. Haiku(2) 6/2/2013
69. Ghazal 12/24/2014
70. Who Sings That Song? 8/19/2016
71. When A Poem Does Not Happen... 8/31/2013
72. Morning Melody 5/10/2013
73. A Fragment 5/10/2013
74. Two Winters 1/8/2013
75. Ballerina 1/16/2013
76. Aik Manzar(Urdu) 2/6/2013
77. Ode To Complacency 5/22/2013
78. Weird, Weird Virtual World 6/27/2013
79. Aik Be Naam Geet (Urdu) 8/9/2013
80. Desdemona....“a Most Exquisite Lady” 4/12/2013

Comments about Yasmeen Khan

  • Akhtar Jawad Akhtar Jawad (12/24/2014 7:09:00 PM)

    Yasmeen is a spark hidden in ashes, whenever this spark is aired the flames rise to a great height and we get light in the shape of her warming poems in the coldness of this inhuman environment.

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  • Geetha Jayakumar Geetha Jayakumar (12/31/2013 9:05:00 AM)

    Poet Yasmeen Khan
    One of the talented and gifted poet.
    Like Jasmine flower
    Keep on spreading the beautiful fragrance
    Through your wonderful poems.
    Thank you for beautiful comments for my poems.
    Continue writing and keep on adding wonderful poems to poetic world.
    Wishing you all the best!
    God Bless You!

  • Shahzia Batool Shahzia Batool (6/6/2013 1:29:00 PM)

    Divine colours
    In charismatic splendour
    Mystical shades
    Basked in love
    Spirit in elation
    whirls and whirls
    Dance the peacock
    and along with him
    The whole universe!

    An Extract from Peacock Dance!

    Jasmeen Khan is one of those gifted beings who know their job well. A groomed poetess, with amazing aesthetics, knows the creation and appreciation of Beauty in all forms; and every visit to her page renders something rich to reader/s. God bless her! ! !

  • Free Bird Free Bird (5/12/2013 8:21:00 AM)

    jasmine is the name of a beautiful flower. ur poetry is just like this flowers, which have a fascinating fragrance which attract the other people by magic. ur poetry writing is a blessing of God.
    keep writing more and stay bless

Best Poem of Yasmeen Khan

The Hills Are Alive!

Swooping on gradients and hairpin bends
When the sun sinks and softly descends
At a mellow pace in Heaven's wide arch
A thousand pines in the clouds' arms
Swing and sway in welcome mists,
On glorious crests bend and twist.

Winds sing sweetly, airs are benign
And the city looks dreamy and shines
Like a starry plane far beneath me
As I look down the scary lee.

Soaring upwards in the mellow blush of day
A spot sparkles in the foggy dark and stays
Glowing on the lush peaks illumining grays.
Savory aromas float on the evening breeze
With melodies ...

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My Imagination

My Imagination
A world of elation
It works wonders
When I'm surrendered
Illusion and fantasy
Flight of fancy
Colours fly
Thoughts awry
Muses chant
Verses quaint
The mind's weaving
Poesy pleasing
The soul transcends
Bliss descends.

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