Yasmin Argent

Biography of Yasmin Argent

Yasmin Argent poet

I am Yasmin Argent.
A student, a poet, a writer, a creator.
I have had 4 poems published and a 50 word saga.
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- Yasmin Argent
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- @WordsFromAPen

Yasmin Argent's Works:

- Mini Sagas - Mini Marvels - The Midlands (My 50 words saga was published in here page 123)
- A Royal Romance (My poem The Mother Nobody Saw is in this book page 135)
- Poetry Rivals' Collection 2012 - A Palette of Thoughts (My Poem Hanging On is in here page 32)
- Poetry Rivals' Collection 2011 - Frozen in Time (My poem Hidden Beauty is in here page 128)
- Poetry Rivals' Collection 2012 - The Extra Mile (My poem Scars of the Mind is in here Page 40)

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