Yehudah HaLevi

(1075 - 1141 / Andulusia)

Yehudah HaLevi Poems

1. To The Rivals 5/7/2011
2. To Israel, In Exile 5/7/2011
3. When My Soul Longed - The Beginning Of His Journey 5/7/2011
4. The Physician’s Prayer 5/7/2011
5. Time-Servers 5/7/2011
6. Who Is Like Thee 5/7/2011
7. Where Shall I Find Thee? 5/7/2011
8. Mount Avarim 5/7/2011
9. Song 5/7/2011
10. On The Sea 5/7/2011
11. A Longing To Return To The Land Of Israel 5/6/2011
12. The Apple 5/6/2011
13. The Meeting Of The Stars 5/7/2011
14. Ayin Nedivah ('Generous Eye'): Qasida For Solomon Ibn Ghiyyat 5/7/2011
15. The Fair Maiden 5/7/2011
16. Admonition 5/7/2011
17. The Home Of Love 5/7/2011
18. Fortune's Treachery 5/7/2011
19. Do These Tears Know? 5/7/2011
20. At Morning 5/7/2011
21. God, Whom Shall I Compare To Thee? 5/7/2011
22. My Heart Is In The East 5/7/2011
23. Cups Without Wine 5/7/2011
24. The Mirror 1/1/2004
25. The Seventh Day 1/1/2004
26. Sabbath, My Love 1/1/2004
27. He Comes 1/1/2004
28. Awake, My Fair 1/1/2004
29. O My Lord, Your Dwelling Places Are Lovely 1/1/2004
30. Hymn For Atonement Day 1/1/2004
31. The Grey Hair 1/1/2004
32. My Sweetheart's Dainty Lips 1/1/2004
33. Marriage Song 1/1/2004
34. A Love Song 1/1/2004

Comments about Yehudah HaLevi

  • Paulb (7/30/2019 12:55:00 PM)

    The philosopher seeks.Truth through reason. But beyond reason, Truth is found in apprehension, in Poetry!

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  • Paliroad (12/21/2017 5:17:00 PM)

    Profound concept of non-duality reality for Love and Joy and Pain are part of the same root.

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  • Yakkerboy (12/19/2017 7:46:00 AM)

    MiTmite9, Your ignorance knows no bounds.

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  • Newuser (11/30/2017 10:33:00 PM)

    To be
    And oh, to lose

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  • From ''Godless'', the movie (11/28/2017 1:59:00 AM)

    Tis a fearful thing to love
    To love what death can touch
    A fearful thing
    To love, to hope, to dream, be

    To be, and know, lose
    A thing for fools, ...this
    And a holy thing
    A holy thing, ... to love

    For your life is lived in me
    Your laugh once lifted me
    Your word was gift, me
    To remember this, brings painful joy

    Tis a human thing, -love
    A holy thing
    To love what death has touched


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  • MiTmite9 (11/26/2017 1:59:00 PM)

    Please explain to me why a poem concerning bin Laden's death and an anorexic cat lady are attributed to a man who lived in the 10th century. Yes... and why the photo?

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  • David Schwartz (8/4/2017 7:23:00 AM)

    Very important scholar and poet, but this could not possibly be his portrait - it is a photo, and he was born in 1100s - almost certainly before glasses were invented.

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Best Poem of Yehudah HaLevi

Marriage Song

Fair is my dove, my loved one,
None can with her compare:
Yea, comely as Jerusalem,
Like unto Tirzah fair.

Shall she in tents unstable
A wanderer abide,
While in my heart awaits her
A dwelling deep and wide?

The magic of her beauty
Has stolen my heart away:
Not Egypt's wise enchanters
Held half such wondrous sway.

Even as the changing opal
In varying luster glows,
Her face at every moment
New charms and sweetness shows.

White lilies and red roses
There blossom on one stem:
Her lips of crimson berries ...

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Sabbath, My Love

greet my love with wine and gladsome lay;
Welcome, thrice welcome, joyous Seventh Day!

Six slaves the weekdays are; I share
With them a round of toil and care,
Yet light the burdens seem, I bear
For your sweet sake, Sabbath, my love!

On the First-day to the accustomed task

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