Yekaterina Bezpalaya Poems

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From Winter: To Spring

I walk through a patch of yellow flowers,
Some have shimmer, some have a glint of gold.

Others invite the sun to play,

Sky By The Window

A pencil, some paper,
a pen, and a chair.
A desk by the window,
and the wind through your hair.

Without A Clue

No one knows the rocks that burden my shoulder,
breaking bones piece by piece.
No one sees my rapid heartbeats,
as they are drowned by head hard thoughts.

Deep Memories

The bead from a necklace,
The kiss from a date.

The love from my parents,

My Grandpa's Handprint

These hands have touched everything,
as so far goes the truth.
The deep, ridged scars,
are the obvious proof.

Fate's Hands

There are so many parts to this girl that you see,
Feigned smiles are only a tidbit of she.
Well-practiced acts doth she show,
But of seams on the heart,

Ignorant Invalids

A sweet aroma of freshness hardly lingers,
slightly unconcealed.
Cracks in the sky invisibly splinter the clouds.
For even a moment,

The Hidden Secret

The tree stands still.
It moves its hands in a strange greeting,
as the sunrays warmly kiss both my cheeks.
All spirits of Mother Earth are listening for my depart.

Four Broken Walls

The bird is in the sky.
Its ebony black feathers contrast against the aquamarine background.
It's flying;
so free.

Creation Of Life

Each droplet falls through my fingers.
En masse they are so unique.
Unterminated freedom;
as air and water