Yeoj Lavodnas

Rookie (10/12/1920 / Belize, Spain)

Biography of Yeoj Lavodnas

The Name's Lavodnas..., Yeoj Lavodnas, at 88 yrs yung my mind is still fresh o and I forgot to mention I am an Undercover agent,008 at that, lol! J/P I love my life even though there has been so many crisis in my past I keep my eyes positived paced in God's Grace instead of being lifeless hiding depriving my true self. Always Triple L: Live, Laugh, and Love!

Yeoj Lavodnas's Works:

Not yet but I have started on 1 and it's about Earths Heaven; Heaven on Earth The Perfect Living and Your Purpose In Life. They are all the same I just hope I can change peoples lives with it.

-Yeoj Updates

Today's World Needs Him

Waking up from a dream that felt so real as reality is not surreal, actually it's killing us piece by piece seemingly as though there is no peace like there is no ends that meet. The world is lost and can be won but gone shot by suicidal. It gives us a choice do or die, I said I don't and I died with passions of hopes and dreams, crashing in shambl

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