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hello i am a 34 year old female from the bronx,
i have been writing since very young
i edit this from my dad may he now rest in peace
when he died well my life wasn't the same
he ment all and every thing to me
he was my father, friend, and every thing in my life
he ment the world, but.. i have come to realize that sitting down crying wasn't going to bring him back
so i had decided to let out every thing he preached
and show others as well, my life has been a what you can call a after shock between negative and possitive
so much like a double life or how i can remember it
my mother the negative and my father the possitive
my mother saw every thing in a negative point of view
my father understood and helped us his children achive
our dreams our goals, i love writing and as i can remember i wrote only when my mother was not around
because she didn't beleave in dreams or never the less achievement so i use to write only when my mother was not around she disliked the fact that i liked the same similar things as my father so i did when she wasn't around many years past and as i grew well, i can still say that i enjoy writing and reading for is what i do best maybe some day i will achive my dream as a writer
and maybe write a book but until then this story will close and be put down to rest,
for those of you reading this: thank you
thank you for takeing your time in learning a little
of my life, till the next time,
take care and god bless....
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Sometimes when you feel so sad,
you feel the world crumble down
to feel the sadness within your heart
your mind, your soul, your life divine.

you try to make a change in life
but find your heart crushed in vine
you have the spirit to bring it up again
but you know that won't be today

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