Yinka Meander

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  • ''Considering the status of our world today, it is imperative that the subject; 'LOVE' (Agape format) be introduced in all school curriculums. This is essential for future generations. Yinka Meander''
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  • ''If you have been an Actor directing your own life without success, it is time to consider being an Actor in a life directed by God and success will be yours! - - Yinka Meander''
  • ''do not let the world bother you to express yourself however, if expressing yourself bothers the world, the world is large enough to contain it.''

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Garbage In Your Baggage


I was genuinely service bound to cultivate
In the light of compassion, empathy, faith
On the road to love with my package
Hey! You intercept with your baggage

You are grudgingly service bound to damage
Filled with anger, resentment, revenge

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