Yiorgos Christodoulides

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Biography of Yiorgos Christodoulides

Yiorgos Christodoulides

Born in Moscow in 1968, raised in Larnaka, Cyprus. Holder of an MA in Journalism (Lomonosov University, Moscow) . He works as a journalist in Nicosia. His debut work? ? ? a [Enia] (Ateleia, Nicosia,1996) was awarded the State Prize for young writers. His second, ? ? e? ? ? t? ? ße? ? ? [Dream-Mill] (Gavrielides, Athens,2001) received the State Prize for poetry.? ? ? e? ? ? d? ? ? a? ? ? e? ? ? t? [Grower’s Manual] came out in Athens (Govosti,2004) . His fourth collection? ? ? p? a? µat? p? ? ? t? [“The Undone”] was published by Gavrielides, Athens in 2010 (currently shortlisted for the 2010 State Prize for Poetry]. His fifth collection
? ? ? µ? ? µeta? ? ? ? ? a? ? ? ? a? G? ? , [Road between Heaven and Earth], was published by Farfoulas, Athens,2013 and was shortlisted for the 2013 State Prize for Poetry.
Part of his work has been translated into English, German, French, Bulgarian, Spanish, Portuguese, Lithuanian, Latvian, Turkish etc and appeared in Cypriot, Greek and international literary reviews.
In June 2010, a short selection of Christodoulides' poems were published in Berlin, Germany.
In December 2011, more than 150 poems spanning the last fifteen years of Christodoulides’ work were translated into Bulgarian (Sofia,2011) and put together in a book named after his collection ? ? e? ? ? t? ? ße? ? ? [Dream-Mill].

Main International Event Participation:

Festival Voix Vives de méditerranée en méditerranée,2013, represented Cyprus, selected poems by Christodoulides were recited in French translation

Crossing Borders, Connecting Cultures (Stockholm,2010) : Christodoulides was among ten Cypriot artists representing the different cultures of the island (Greek, Turkish, Armenian, Maronite and Latin) in a fascinating encounter with Scandinavian poetry on stage.

Poesiefestival berlin 2010: An audio production of Christodoulides’ selected poems in Greek, also rendered into German, can be reached at:

http: //lyrikline.org/index.php? id=162&L=1&author=gc05&show=Poems&poemId=6884&cHash=781c9c0a64

Poetry Symposium, University of Patras (Patras, Greece,2008) : Cyprus representative.

“Kleine Sprachen, Grosse Literaturen” Forum (Leipzig,2006) : Cyprus representative.

? he Gerard Manley Hopkins Society of Poetry (Kildare, Ireland 2005) : Invited by famous Irish poet Desmond Eagan to recite part of his work translated into English.

World Biennial of Poetry (Liège 2003) : Selected poems by Christodoulides were recited in French translation.

For part of his work in French, please visit: www.volkovitch.com (Poésie Amnesty,6 poètes)

Literature Express Europa 2000: In the span of 45 days, more than 100 European litterateurs visited 20 cities in 10 different countries, participating in a series of poetry events. Christodoulides’ poem “Violin cases” was set to music and dramatized in Paris.

Yiorgos Christodoulides's Works:

five collections of poetry

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Matinal Image

Morning reveals onto the day's canvas
an image of frozen immigrants.
Standing at the bus stop
they are waiting for an imaginary bus
they need it to take them beyond predetermined routes
they need it to take them to a land ancestral
away from employers with soiled nails
plump ladies ordering them about
old men melting away alone

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