Yisel Chong

Yisel Chong Poems

1. Want You To Be My Special Bear 11/23/2006
2. What Is Left 11/23/2006
3. My Time Has Come 11/23/2006
4. My Christmas Wish 11/23/2006
5. I Think I Can Count On You 11/23/2006
6. Me 11/23/2006
7. Help Me, Please 11/23/2006
8. Her Life She Felt, Was All Destroy 11/23/2006
9. I'M Unworthy 11/23/2006
10. I Can Feel But, I Can'T Understand 11/23/2006
11. I Feel Old 11/23/2006
12. I Hate Myself Sometimes 11/23/2006
13. I Want To Live Life, And Not Keep Falling 11/23/2006
14. I Would Get There 11/23/2006
15. A Bird 11/23/2006
16. My Special Friend 11/23/2006
17. God Wants The Best For You 11/23/2006
18. Don'T Want To Loose This Opportunity 11/23/2006
19. My Life Had Changed 11/23/2006
20. I'M Sorry But, I Won'T Stop 11/23/2006
21. The Kind Of Friend I Want 11/23/2006
22. Tire Of My Life 11/23/2006
23. A Journey 11/24/2006
24. Hanging In There 1/2/2007
25. Moving On... 1/3/2007
26. Dreaming... 1/3/2007
27. Is About 1/5/2007
28. Little 1/18/2007
29. A Part Of My Life... 1/30/2007
30. What I See Through My Glasses 1/26/2012
31. The Friendship Mask 9/8/2014
32. The Blind Chapter 9/8/2014
33. Thank You Father 11/24/2006
34. You Made Me Evil 12/22/2014
35. Hiding Under Speechless Thoughts 12/26/2014
36. Words Left Unsaid 12/26/2014
37. Life's Trash 1/28/2015
38. Forever In My Heart... 1/30/2015
39. It's All In Your Head 1/30/2015
40. The Courage To Fight 1/29/2015
Best Poem of Yisel Chong

My Identity

So lost deep inside,
Is all that makes me.
My true identity,
Is hard to see.
To my friends and family,
I’m a different me.
I have a secret identity,
Wonder if you’ll ever see.
My thoughts and actions,
Are all that makes me,
But some things I may do,
May not describe me.
Now look inside me,
If you ever feel,
like it,
I’m no-one but me,
Never hiding my identity.
Don’t say I am hypocrisy,
Because I never showed you,
two of me.
Now please,
Look at me,
Try to see the real me.
I’m no-one but,
my real ...

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I Only Ask For A Minute

I always tell you “listen”,
you always say “I’m busy”
Why can’t there be a day,
When you’ll leave the things aside,
And actually pay attention to me?
You don’t know what you may be missing.
You don’t have any idea,
of what I’ve got to say.
I don’t blame you.

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