yogesh saxena

Rookie [Advocate] (29.11.1952 / Lucknow U.P. INDIA)

Biography of yogesh saxena

In my childhood, my teacher taught it to me in the classroom that “What ever you do; Do with your might; that is the way to be healthy, wealthy, and wise”. Subsequently, there after my father told me just few months before his death when I completed my 18 years of age that “Thou thy path be dark as sky; There is a star, thy path to guide, So trust in god and do the right “.
By the gradual process of up and downs in my life, I could have been able to learn through my experiences that what we may be able to get through the grace of god are not the scattered love, nor the success and wealth but the knowledge. Thus I have started worshipping the almighty with the following prayer. O, gods to thee I pray increase my knowledge day by day. It is only now after attending the respectful command amongst the members of the Bar and Bench that I have started thinking that all these notions in my life, based on the correct foundations, provides me a sense of confidence to move ahead in search of the gospel and bliss, as I leave my foot print before leaving to the heavenly abode.This is my firm determination that what ever I may be able to achieve in my life that will be dependent on the out come of my efforts on these guidelines and none else. Notwithstanding, there are the fluctuations in the formation of these notions, which provides me a sense of mental agony, frustration and disappointments in life. There is the profound bleeding at my heart on the psychologically region which seldom gives me an effect of chafing of the wound before it can be healed. This is the painful reminder of the lost empire, which was built on solid foundation. It is gradually obliterating.

Yogesh Kumar Saxena, Advocate, High Court Allahabad (India) General Secretary All India Bar Association e mail Address yogrekha@yahoo.co.in or yogrekha@rediffmail.com Phone: - 91/ 0532/2637720/2436451, Mobile: - 9415284843,9792131584,9451181638,7800888892

yogesh saxena's Works:

My Life Struggle, A collection of Poem selected in Semi Finalists in poetry.com

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Deserve For Myself


At the door steps of a temple,
I got reconciliation of my prayer;
To demand in anticipation of service;
I rendered in anticipation to seek favor;
But when I came out side from temple;
I saw the dropping of dry leaves on street;
Those who intended to attached with plant;

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