yolandey breedt

Veteran Poet - 1,261 Points [poetry is a gift as well as a pleasure to create] (1987/05/04 / south africa)

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i might not be the best in poem writing but
i try and i enjoy it for me i find myself and express myself in poetry cause poetry to me is my peace and i am in a world of my own in poem writing i enter a world of my own were i have control of what ever seems to happen and how it happens because its my own world its a place were no one judges me as my poems are things that have happened to me as well as its happened to people close to me so i write it in words to help those around the world so they know they are not alone

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none yet hoping to publish soon

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Loving Only You

The magical color of your eyes
The romance in every kiss
Giving me a stomach filled with butterflies
Granting my every wish

The gentleness of your touch
The passionate way of making love
With feelings that mean so much
Making me believe you were sent from heaven above

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