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81. Melissa Vanessa Massyn 8/23/2017
82. My Big Brother 8/23/2017
83. Melissa Vanessa Massyn My Angel 8/23/2017
84. Never Letting You Go 8/23/2017
85. Can't Let You Ever Go 8/23/2017
86. Daelen, Martin And Liam 8/23/2017
87. Happy Anniversary 8/23/2017
88. Happy Birthday Tyler 8/25/2017
89. In My Womb 10/11/2017
90. My Thoughts Of A Mother 11/3/2017
91. For My Daughter 11/3/2017
92. Abanded The Body Lies 5/5/2014
93. Letter To The Heart 4/3/2018
94. Miss U 5/6/2014
95. Sadly You Are Missed 8/12/2014
96. Empty Is The Life 2/21/2014
97. Broke 8/12/2013
98. Today 2/10/2014
99. Sister Forever 10/23/2014
100. Bruised Is Her Pure Beauty 5/5/2014
101. I Am The Eagle 3/8/2017
102. Abortion 11/30/2017
103. Fire Of Anger 6/7/2013
104. A World Of Wonder 8/13/2013
105. The Mystery Of Love 3/14/2014

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The Mystery Of Love

the beauty of the colour of ur eyes
with one amazing powerful sparkled glance
i am binded by ur magical charm

the gorgous way u tend to smile
takes me to anther world in a deep trance
i am under a spell i know wont cause me harm
were i still keep wondering about ur unexplained mystery

the gentle and romantic way u touch me
completes me and sets my hidden emotion free
were i realise to me u are more than a friend

calm are my thoughts as i think of only u
my heart beating to its own tune as it sings ur name
permently i find my self lost in the ...

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In A Moment Of Nature

I walk through the stillness of the valley
With the wind brushing gently through my hair
In my surroundings natures magical sounds I hear
And silenced is my hearts deepest fear
In my soul I sense peace taking over me
As through new views natures beauty I see

As I continue in the stillness
My mind begins to wonder to a world I call my own

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