Yolandi Swarts

Rookie (South Africa)

Biography of Yolandi Swarts

I have been writing since I could hold a pen

I love words and how I can express myself with them... they can be molded into any shape and played with. I love how they twist and turn and fall into the right places.

I am also fascinated by the dark... paranormal and animalistic side of life

Words define us... we define words... together we shape eachother

Yolandi Swarts's Works:

I am halfway through my first paranormal romance, but I hear it is very hard to get your book published and unfortunatly, here in SA we do not have many big-name publishers.

I am hoping to find an agent who can assist me in this

Maybe, who knows, I will get what my heart most desires

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Crimson Water

My eyes are open but I see naught
My ears pitched but the sounds filter through
I stare into darkness without a thought
My tears come unabashed and strewn

My heart is broken - pieces pierce the skin
blooddrops reflecting like ruby crystals
Memoirs of pain - evidence of suffering

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